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Diabetes is a common condition affecting millions of lives and most of the people are unaware that they have diabetes. Medvarsity has launched Certificate Course in Management of Diabetes to provide education and training to health care professionals with the goal of becoming a centre of excellence to enhance standards of care for people with diabetes

This Course provides the participant's to develop knowledge and attitudes, which underpin practice and enables them to respond appropriately in complex practice situations with other professionals in respect of caring for people who have diabetes. The course is sensitive to the constraints on busy health care professionals and aims to link theory with practice.

It is designed to impart knowledge, skills and confidence in the delivery of diabetes care and to provide participants with an assessed and certified course that can be used to advance their career or as a platform for further study


During the Course, we expect that you will

  • Develop, extend and enrich existing knowledge about diabetes and the care of people with diabetes, adapting your professional practice to all you have learnt.
  • Take the opportunity to explore existing attitudes and beliefs in the practice of diabetes Mellitus
  • Explore and discuss the value of team working in diabetes Management & Care.
  • Understand how you learn and how you apply your learning to your professional practice.
  • Extend your network with people working Apollo hospitals, to share experiences, and develop supportive relationships,
  • Achieve a qualification in Diabetes Management from the Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation , Apollo Hospitals and Medvarsity.


  • MBBS
  • Post Graduates Students in Medical Specialties


  • 6 months online
  • One week optional contact program with Diabetes specialists of Apollo Hospitals at the end of the course

Course Content

This Course has five modules...

  • Diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Management of Diabetes Mellitus
  • Diabetic Complications
  • Hospital Care
  • Gestational Hyperglycemia and Diabetes

The course material is available both online and offline. An ID and Password is provided to access the course content and online assessments. A CD with multimedia-enriched content is also provided along with printed study material. Additional value added services like e-mail articles, journals articles will be provided periodically. Assessments and doubts clarification are also provided during the course.

The registrants shall complete all the internal assessments online before the contact program. The final examination will be held after completion of the online study and contact program. It is mandatory to obtain a minimum of 50% marks to clear an evaluation. Certification will be by Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation & Medvarsity.

  • Course material developed by experienced specialists from Apollo hospitals.
  • Convenient to take the course as it is online - any time anywhere learning.
  • No need to dislocate yourself form existing practice and place of work as the course is available both online and offline.
  • Contact program by subject experts from Apollo Hospitals.

Rs. 20,000 in single installment or 2 equal installments of Rs. 11,000 each. Payable in favour of Medvarsity online limited.


Medvarsity, India's first virtual medical educational portal was established in April 2000 as a joint venture by Apollo Hospitals & NIIT. Medvarsity in association with Apollo Hospitals conducts online courses for medical & paramedical community. Medvarsity offers its courses in collaboration with reputed bodies like Royal College of General Practitioners and Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation, IRDA Etc.


Apollo Hospital Educational & Research Foundation (AHERF) Conducts other educational and training programs including Nursing, Physiotherapy, Emergency Medicine, Surgery, Anesthesiology and MAsters Degree in Hospital Administration.

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