Diploma in Family Medicine

  • 1 year course
  • Expert clinical members of accredited hospitals involved in delivering teaching & supervision
  • Live lectures & webinars by renowned clinicians
  • Quality assurance by Royal College of General Practitioners
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Key Features

Joint Certification by AHERF & RCGP

Clinical rotation based internship

–International Affiliate Membership with RCGP

Course accredited by RCGP

Course Description

The Diploma in Family Medicine course aims at developing competent family physicians who will understand the patient in the context of the family and the community and who can provide a continuous, coordinated, comprehensive and cost-effective care. This course will enable the students develop the skills for recognising the common medical conditions, making timely and appropriate referrals and doing effective consultation and counselling.

This course is aimed at doctors interested in pursuing a career in family practice and relevant to doctors of all backgrounds and experience from early career doctors to doctors established in other specialities. Any MBBS graduate registered with a State Medical Council or the Medical council of India (MCI) is eligible to take this course.

Family Medicine is emerging as a viable career option for medical graduates in India. This course will prepare the doctors explore career opportunities in hospitals, clinics, home health organisations and primary & community-based healthcare organisations.

This course is accredited by Royal College of General Practitioners(RCGP), UK and jointly certified by RCGP and Medvarsity


Course Outline

Session 1 - The Principles of Family care
Role of Family in Health care
Communication in Family Medicine
Consulting skills
Counselling skills
Health Promotion and Patient Education
Prevention in General Practice
Record keeping by a Family Physician
Screening Tests
Travel Medicine
Whole person approach to Management
Medical Ethics
Guidelines on writing Prescription
Career Management in Family Medicine
Session 2 - Child and Adolescent Health
Behaviour Disorders in Adolescents
Care of the Newborn
Encephalitis in Children
Management of Diarrhoea in Children
Middle Ear infections in Children
Protein Energy Malnutrition
Fever in Children
Common Respiratory Disorders in Children
Constipation In Chidren
Session 3 - Women's Health
Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
Antenatal Care
Family Planning
Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy
The Menopause and HRT
Vaginal Discharge
MTP Act 1971
Prescribing in Pregnancy
Benign Breast Diseases
Session 4 - Adult Medicine
Bacterial Meningitis
Bronchial Asthma
Cerebrovascular Accident
Diabetes Mellitus
Fever of Unknown Origin
Systemic Hypertension
Lower Respiratory tract Infections
Peptic Ulcer Disease
Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Urinary Tract Infection
Peripheral Neuropathy
Heat Related Syndromes
Gastro Oesophageal Reflux Disease
Session 5 - Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine
Chronic Pain Management
Geriatrics - Care ofthe Elderly
Palliative Medicine - Care of the Terminally ill Patient
Session 6 - Sexually Related Problems
Sexual Dysfunctionand the Roleof Family Physician
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
The Infertile Couple
Session 7 - Psychiatry in Family Practice
Diagnosis and Treatment of Anxiety Disoders
Psychiatric First Aid
Crisis Prevention
Eating Disoders
Substance Abuse
Sleep Disoders
Session 8 - Surgery in Family Practice
Acute Abdomen
Acute Appendicitis
Principles of Wound Closure
Red Eye-Differential Diagnosis & Managemnet
Transfusion Medicine
Upper Gasteriointestinal Bleeding
Lower Gasteriointestinal Bleeding
Scrotal Swelling
Session 9 - Emergency Medicine
Organo-Phosphorus Compound Poisoning
Snake Bite
Management of Chest Pain
Session 10 - Problems of Skin
Evaluation and Management of Common Skin Disorders
Session 11 - Radiology
Interpretation of Chest X-Rays
Session 12 - Medical Audit & it's Administration
Course Duration
  • 193 Hrs (Learning Content)
  • 12 Weeks (Live Virtual Classes)
Accreditation Partner

Royal College of General Practitioners


Dr. Afshan Firdous

I thank Medvarsity for this opportunity. I was introduced to Medvarsity by my husband who is an alumnus of Medvarsity’s DEM course. I have found that Medvarsity is an ideal place to pursue any clinical course of interest without wasting time in preparing for PG entrance exams and more so it would give an upper hand in applying for residency programs abroad. These courses are cost effective with regards to the placement offers that we get from different hospitals after completing these courses. I also feel that any course at Medvarsity will help us decide to take up our career permanently in that field respectively because of the short duration of courses and exposure to well established corporate Hospitals. I would suggest that many students post MBBS stuck in the rat race for PG entrances should seriously think about joining Medvarsity and not waste time in their careers.

Dr. John Abraham

The training for the course was excellent. DFM is a very informative program with engaging speakers from all specialties. I would highly recommend Medvarsity’s Family Medicine course to all my dear juniors. It is a well-organized engaging program with practical and seminars. I experienced great teaching with modern methods used for lectures. It’s very interactive course with world renowned doctors from the medical field. This course helped me in further practice in patient physician care “Refer Less n Resolve more”. There was excellent communication from supporting staff and course coordinator with best supporting study materials. Proud to be a part of Medvarsity and Royal College of General Practice, UK”

Payment Options


1. Course related
  • Is this course recognized by MCI?
    • Medical Council of India does not recognize courses that are offered through online or blended learning platform. In collaboration with Royal College of General Practitioners, we provide you with the best state-of-the art learning content with an endeavor to train you to become well-equipped and proficient in management of family medicine through this course.
  • What are the clinical aspects that will be covered during Contact Program?
    • This course entails a 12 weeks long clinical contact program in the Out-Patient Department of the affiliate hospital. The intent is to provide you hands-on training in diagnosing common clinical conditions and referral procedures covering the role of the Family Physician.
  • Can I get a Government Job with this added qualification?
    • You can apply anywhere as per your wish after completion of the program. This added qualification will make you a better health care provider. Selection in government job is mostly dependent on set criteria on which Medvarsity has no control or opinion.
2. Eligibility for the course
  • Can I submit my certificates at a later date after enrollment or can I enroll by providing my provisional certificates?
    • This can be done with an undertaking to provide the certificates within the stipulated time.
  • Are there any prerequisites for joining this course?
    • Most Medvarsity students are required to meet minimum criteria of having completed their MBBS with Internship. They should have MCI / State Medical Council registration to be eligible for the course.
  • What are the prerequisites for an international student?
    • An international medical graduate should apply for a provisional certification to MCI / State Medical Council prior to admission to this course. Our guidance counselors will be able to provide more information on the same.
3. Course delivery
  • How to access the course material online?
    • To access the course, click on the "Learn" button on the top right of this page using the login ID and password provided to you. In case you don't have access to login ID and password, write to us at srm@medvarsity.com & quote your registered email ID.
  • What if I am unable to open the Medvarsity website?
    • For any queries or any technical assistance, please call on our toll free number (1800-103-6006) or write to us at srm@medvarsity.com. The matter will be looked into at the earliest.
  • How do I access my course?
  • My User ID and Password isn't working on the LMS.
    •  You will be issued a new user ID and password on completion of the registration process. The user ID created for your registration process will not work on our LMS.
4. Contact Program
  • Is the contact program mandatory for completion of course?
    • For this course, the contact program is mandatory. Any contact program provides a student with an opportunity to learn clinical hands-on techniques and skills that are helpful in the practice of the discipline. It is therefore recommended that you opt for contact program. Your final certificate will not be issued without completion of the contact program.
  • What if I am not able to attend the contact program at the scheduled date?
    • You can attend the next scheduled contact program upon information and concurrence by your program coordinator.
  • Can I choose the center where I wish to attend the contact program?
    • You will be required to attend the contact program at the nearest prescribed center where you are assigned.
  • What is the minimum attendance required during the program?
    •  It is mandatory to attend all 12 weeks of contact program for the Diploma in Family Medicine.
  • Will there be arrangements for lodging and boarding provided for students during the Contact Program in case their contact center is out of station from their hometown?
    • You will have to make your own arrangements for boarding and lodging. All contact programs are held in centrally located regions with access to all necessary requirements.
5. Assessment and Exams
  • How will I be assessed during and at the end of the course?
    • You will be assessed through MCQ based online assessment at the end of each module. At the end of the course, you will take the Final Examination (MCQ based online assessment) and viva examination.
  • What is the criterion for being eligible for the Final Examination?
    • You should have passed MCQ based online assessment of each module with a minimum of 60% marks. Then only you can take the Final Examination.
  • How do I appear for the MCQ based online Examination at the end of each module?
    • You have to login into our LMS at lms.medvarsity.com or www.apolloknowledge.com using your user ID and password, and then proceed with the examination as follows:
    • Click on My courses and then click on learn option. Here you will find various options like case discussions, videos, animations, eBook, assessment etc. Click on take assessment and read all the instructions carefully
    • Click on it and then click on to start exam and your exam will begin
    • Every 60 seconds page gets deactivated, hence it is important that you refresh the page time and again.
  • What if I am not able to clear the module tests in the first attempt?
    • If you are not able to clear the module test in the first attempt, you can always take a second attempt to clear your module tests.
  • What if I am not able to clear the module tests in the second attempt?
    • You can write to us at srm@medvarsity.com requesting for another attempt by paying a reactivation fee.
  • How many attempts do I have for the final exam?
    • One attempt
  • What if I do not clear the final examination?
    • You can attempt the exam again by paying the applicable reactivation fee.
  • What if I feel that a question is wrongly framed or an answer is wrongly marked in the online exams?
    • If you feel that something is wrongly mentioned, you can write at srm@medvarsity.com, directing it to the academics team.
  • While attempting the online exam, what if there is a power cut or the internet gets disconnected?
    • If at all there is a power cut or your internet gets disconnected, there is nothing to worry. When you login again, you can  continue your test from the point where you had stopped.
  • What if I am not able to complete the course within the duration?
    • You will have to send a request to the CRM team to extend your course and pay the applicable reactivation.
6. Placement Assistance
  • Do you provide any placement assistance?
    • We do not provide any placement guarantee as an outcome of the course. On a case to case basis we will introduce your profile to specific recruiting partners but no job guarantee is provided.
7. Feedback
  • What if I have any concerns regarding the program delivery or what if I have any suggestions to improve the quality of the course?

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