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Course Description

''Diploma in Emergency Medicine'' is a one year program designed to train students with an international standard of training in emergency care.

This course is conducted by Medvarsity and AHERF (Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation) in association with Royal Liverpool Academy, UK.

Course Objectives
Course Details




Module 1

  1. Emergency Medicine Department
  2. Airway Management
  3. Cardiac Emergencies
  4. Management of Shock
  5. Neurological Emergencies
  6. Respiratory Emergencies
  7. Surgical Emergencies

Module 2

  1. Orthopedic Emergencies
  2. Trauma Emergencies
  3. Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies
  4. Pediatric emergencies
  5. Wound Assessment and Management
  6. Local Anesthetics and Anesthesia
  7. Analgesia in Emergency Room
  8. Chronic Pain Management
  9. Emergency Department Imaging

Module 3

  1. Toxicology
  2. Otolaryngologic Emergencies
  3. Ophthalmic Emergencies
  4. Endocrine Emergencies
  5. Acid Base and Electrolytes
  6. Burns
  7. Anaphylaxis
  8. Bites and Stings
  9. Envenomation
  10. Dive Emergencies

Module 4

  1. Environmental Emergencies
  2. Mechanical Ventilation
  3. Urogenital Emergencies
  4. Transfusion Emergencies
  5. Hepato Biliary Emergencies
  6. Psychiatric Emergencies
  7. Legal Aspects of Emergency Medicare


Rs. 1,40,000 (One time Payment) or During the time of admission Rs.60,000, 1st Installment after 3 months Rs.40,000 and 2nd Instalment after 9months Rs.40,000 payable in favour of Medvarsity online limited. Examination Fee 250 pounds payable to RLA.

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Royal Liverpool Academy : The Royal Liverpool Academy is the education wing and centre of the Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospitals Trust. It is one of the largest University Teaching Hospitals in the UK and has one of the largest Emergency Department and throughput. It is one of the primary sites where medical education is delivered through the University of Liverpool and one of the main partners of Liverpool Health Partners, the Academic Health Sciences System for Liverpool, UK.


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