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Royal College of General Practitioners

The (UK) Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), which is the leading academic institution in UK for family medicine, and Apollo Hospitals Group have had an educational collaboration over many years, with RCGP jointly accrediting courses run by Apollo.

We currently offer a course tailored to the needs of family doctors in India- the Diploma in Family Medicine – gives family doctors in India a chance to upgrade their knowledge and skills and attitudes through on line study followed by full time clinical attachments. Taught by Apollo staff, the course is quality assured by advisors from RCGP, who also act as external examiners during the final assessments. Successful candidates are then encouraged to study for the international exam for Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP[INT]).

This course offers the GPs an opportunity to gain useful theoretical and practical experience and we look forward to ongoing collaboration with Apollo on these excellent programme.


Apollo Hospitals Educational & Research Foundation

Apollo Hospitals Group has always understood the need for quality health education and this is reflected in the group's mission statement:

"Our mission is to bring healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity"

Apollo Hospitals Educational & Research Foundation is running a variety of educational and training programs including Nursing, Hospital Administration, Physiotherapy, Emergency Medicine, Surgery and Anesthesiology.

A spacious building in calm & quiet environment is dedicated to academics and houses our college and the institutes of education. The foundation is proud of its faculty consisting of distinguished personalities from India and abroad including a number of doctors who are members of the Royal College.

Governing Body

Chairman : Dr. Prathap C. Reddy Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group.

President : Shri G. Surender Reddy President, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Secretary & Treasurer : Smt. Sangita Reddy Executive Director, Apollo Hospitals Group.

Trustees: Shri K. UmapathiShri K. Vishveshwar Konda. IAS (Retd) MD, Citadel.

About Medvarsity Online Limited

Medvarsity, India’s first Medical e-learning venture was established in April 2000, and launched its official online portal in October 2000. It is an initiative by Apollo Hospitals Group, the leader in healthcare in Asia Pacific Region having the first JCI accredited hospital in India.


"To deliver quality distance education to the healthcare providers (HCP), using information technology enabled learning tools, aimed at improving the standards of medical education and practice."

Helping to Stay Ahead...

Today the world of medicine and healthcare is evolving rapidly. New areas are being researched and explored. In depth study is being done in various areas of Healthcare. For professional growth of a medical professional, there is a need to keep oneself updated with the latest developments in the field. Continuous Medical Education has become a necessity to stay ahead.

But in the present set up, accessibility to specialized programs and educational services is still an issue. Not every professional can leave the practice, join full time courses and spend time in attending classes. As a result, a large number of healthcare professionals, though willing to develop knowledge and skills in different areas of Medicine, are not able to do so. Information flow is very limited, as there is no easily accessible channel to gather and disseminate knowledge.

Medvarsity, which brings with it the experience as well as the expertise in healthcare sector, endeavors to fill the stated gap in medical education. By using e-learning solutions and latest IT tools, our aim is to reach out with high quality authentic knowledge resources to healthcare professionals.

Medvarsity Educational Programs

Medvarsity Learning Cycle


Medvarsity has a large pool of resources in medical care and IT education. These include highly specialized personnel, eminent doctors, state of the art infrastructure, quality medical content, and robust learning engine. Apart from this, Medvarsity has also entered into working tie ups world over with many institutions for knowledge exchange and updates in the field of Medical Education.

Diploma in Family Medicine

Course Duration : One year (12 months) – 9 months Online study and 3 months of contact program at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad / Delhi / Chennai / Kolkata / Bangalore / Pune (Jehangir Hospital)/ Ludhiana / Bhubaneswar /Bilaspur / Mysore and Ahmedabad.

Eligibility Requirements : MBBS degree with MCI registration.

Selection Criteria : Those fulfilling the eligibility criterion will be called for a personal/ telephonic interview following which the admission list will be drawn.

Course Fee :Rs 1,00,000 (One time payment) or 1st Instalment : During the time of Admission - Rs 40,000, 2nd Instalment : 2 equal installments of Rs 30,000 each in 2 Qtrs

Course Objectives



  1. The Principles of Family Medicine
  2. Child and Adolescent Health
  3. Women's Health
  4. Adult Medicine
  5. Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine
  6. Sexually Related Problems
  7. Psychiatry in Family Practice
  8. Surgery in Family Practice
  9. Emergency Medicine
  10. Problems of Skin
  11. Radiology
  12. Medical Audit and its Administration
  13. Certification of Cause of Death

Clinical Skills List

The following is a list of skills, which a trainee would be expected to have acquired by the end of a three year residency programme, Clearly it will not be possible to ensure that all skills are mastered in a three month programme, but they should be issued as a form of check list which the general practitioner/family physician can then ensure he masters over a period of time in clinical practice. Many of the more basic skills will already have been mastered during previous medical service, in which case the skills should be assessed for currency and proficiency.

1. Basic Skills

2. Extended Skills

3. Treatment Skills

4. Other Treatments

Speciality wise Requirements

Internal Medicine





Internal Assessment

Online module wise internal assessments. Minimum percentage required is 60% to be eligible for the 3-month contact program at any one of the Accredited Apollo Hospitals Centers.

External Assessment

  1. Paper I Theory ( 100 marks )
  2. Paper II MCQs ( 100 marks )

Note: To be eligible for the final examination the candidate should have successfully cleared all the internal assessments and completed the contact program.


To be conducted by a panel consisting of the RCGP representative, an internal examiner and an external examiner. The RCGP representative would be the overall assessor and accreditor.

Criteria for Certification


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