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Course Description

Healthcare in India has registered a tremendous growth resulting in a huge number of hospitals across the country. An increasingly educated and paying public expects to receive nothing less than excellent care and services. The corporate hospitals and other agencies will play an important role in the current scenario and therefore, there is a need for a properly trained pool of hospital administrators who can design and deliver quality health services.

The primary objective of this Diploma course in Hospital Administration is to train medical and non-medical graduates to undertake a wider range of administrative and managerial responsibilities within hospital organizations. This will help the hospitals to be managed professionally and in turn deliver quality healthcare to the patients.

This course with its integrated inputs will help the student to gain strong conceptual and technical knowledge in various management concepts and improve his analytical capability to prepare him for the administrative functions.

This course is affiliated to Martin Luther Christian University.

Course Objectives
Course Details




The course is divided into four study modules covering the following topics:

Module 1 (Principles of Management)
  1. Process of Management
  2. Management of Organizational Behavior
  3. Materials Management
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Operations Management
Module 2 (Health and Hospital Economics)
  1. Economics in Healthcare
  2. Basics of Hospital Budgeting
  3. Health Insurance
  4. Accounting for Hospitals
  5. Marketing of Health Services
Module 3 (Hospital Services and Planning)
  1. Hospital Organization
  2. Hospital Functions & Services
  3. Hospital Planning
Module 4 (Hospital Information System & Quality Assurance)
  1. Hospital Information System
  2. Quality Assurance in Hospitals
  3. Techniques of Quality Assurance
  4. Medical Records
  5. Medical Audit
  6. Medical Coding
  7. TLaws applicable to Hospitals and Medical Practice
  8. Medical Ethics


Rs.50,000 (One time Payment) or 1st Installment Rs.30,000 and 2nd Instalment Rs.22,000 payable in favour of Medvarsity online limited.

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