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Health care industry in India has registered tremendous growth in recent years. The demand for quality healthcare is going to further increase with the increased awareness about health resulting in phenomenal growth of hospitals across the country.

The recent decision allowing the entry of private agencies in health insurance is an important step taken by the government to reach out to the vast majority of people who are without any insurance coverage. The corporate hospitals and other agencies will play an important role in the current scenario. Therefore, there is a need for a properly trained pool of hospital administrators who can design and deliver quality health services.

The primary objective of this Diploma course in Hospital Administration is to train medical and non-medical graduates to undertake a wider range of administrative and managerial responsibilities within hospital organizations. This will help the hospitals to be managed professionally and in turn deliver quality healthcare to the patients.

This course with its integrated inputs will help the student to gain strong conceptual and technical knowledge in various management concepts and improve his analytical capability to prepare him for the administrative functions.

Course Objectives Course Content

Principles of Management

The aim of this module is to acquaint the students with the basic principles of management, organizational behavior, materials management and human resource management with reference to hospitals.

Health and Hospital Economics

This module helps the student understand clearly the role of economics in general and in context to hospitals and healthcare in specific. The module also explains the evolution and importance of health insurance.

Accounting for Hospitals

The aim of this module is to provide an understanding of general principles of accounting, financial statements, analysis of financial statements and fundamentals of cost concepts.

Marketing of Health Services

This module deals with marketing of health services, the various marketing techniques and skills and marketing functions in organizations in general and hospitals in specific.

Hospital Administration

This module helps the student understand the basics of hospital organization, the use of computers in hospitals, communication in hospitals, change management, conflict resolution, time management, delegation and decision making.

Hospital Function and Services

This module explains the various functions and services utilized in the hospitals for patient care.

Hospital Planning

This module aims at helping the students in developing skills to plan and design different departments and services for various sizes of hospitals.

Hospital Information System

This module will help the students understand the basic concepts of HIS, its advantages, disadvantages, and application. The student is expected to learn the various tools and techniques of system analysis and design.

Quality Assurance

This module deals with principles, concepts and techniques of quality assurance in delivery of healthcare in hospitals.

Hospital and Law

This module deals with various legal aspects and ethical issues relevant to hospitals and healthcare delivery system.

Medical Records

This module deals with the evolution and function of the medical records department, importance of medical records, electronic medical records, coding and health information.

Course Benefits
Course Fee :

Single Installment : Rs 40,000
1st Instalment : During the time of Admission - Rs 21,000
2nd Instalment : After 6 months - Rs 21,000

Course Details :

Duration : 1 year program includes a minimum 2 weeks contact program at major Apollo Hospitals.

Eligibility : Graduates of Medicine in allopathy, dental, ayurveda, homeopathy, unani, physiotherapy, paramedical, and allied medical sciences, or any other graduate from a recognized university.

Course Delivery :

1.Correspondence / Distance learning with online evaluation and study

2.Practical training for a minimum period of 2 weeks at major Apollo Hospitals

Evaluation and Certification : Candidate is required to complete internal examinations and submit project report. Final examination will be conducted online at the end of one year. Successful candidates will be awarded Diploma by Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation & Medvarsity.

Evaluation :

  1. The course is divided into 4 study modules each having an assessment. All these assessments are online and objective.
  2. The project work to done during the course is mandatory.
  3. The contact program of 2 weeks duration is an integral part of the course.
  4. The final exam, which is again online and objective in nature,is conducted at the end of the course following the completion of all the above.

Split up of Evaluation :

Assignments (4 internal exams) 20%

Contact program 10%

Project work 10%

Final Exam 60%

The student will be deemed passed only if he/she secures at least 50% each of the above categories.

Contact Program

The candidates are required to attend 2 weeks contact session, which is mandatory to be able to take up the final exam. To be able to participate in the contact program the candidate should have completed at least 3 module tests. The contact program is a session which enables you to have a live experience of the work flow in the key administrative departments in a corporate hospital. Important departments will be covered giving you ample opportunity to study the work process associated. These department postings will be interspersed with didactic lectures from eminent faculty and staff of the hospital. Case discussions and group presentations are also held during the contact program. The contact program is unique learning module in the course as the variety of the student mix itself adds a lot to the learning by giving the candidate ample opportunity in studying the same subject from different perspectives. (Please Note- The cost of accommodation and food etc at the training centres during the contact session will be borne by the student)

Contact Program Centers Faculty
Typical Hospital Organizational Chart

Medical Tourism


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