Effective Ways to Crack PG NEET – 2023

Preparing for PG NEET can be a daunting task for many students. With intense competition, limited seats, and vast syllabus, it’s not an easy feat to crack this exam. However, with proper planning, dedication, and hard work, one can achieve success in this examination. In this article, we will discuss some effective ways to crack PG NEET.

Understanding the Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The first step to crack any examination is to understand the exam pattern and syllabus. The PG NEET examination consists of 300 multiple-choice questions that need to be answered in 3 hours and 30 minutes. The syllabus includes all subjects taught during MBBS, including Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, and Forensic Medicine.

1. Creating a Study Plan

A well-planned study schedule is essential for cracking any exam, and PG NEET is no exception. Divide your syllabus into manageable sections and allocate a specific time for each topic. Make sure to take breaks in between to avoid burnout.

2. Focus on the Basics

The PG NEET exam tests your understanding of basic concepts in medicine, so it’s essential to have a strong foundation. Go through your MBBS textbooks and revise the fundamentals of each subject thoroughly. This will help you to tackle the complex questions more effectively.

3. Practice Mock Tests

Practice makes perfect, and it’s no different when it comes to PG NEET. Practicing mock tests regularly can help you to identify your weak areas and work on them. Moreover, it will also help you to get familiarized with the exam pattern and manage your time effectively.

4. Join Coaching Institutes

Joining a coaching institute can be a great way to prepare for PG NEET. These institutes provide you with a structured curriculum, experienced teachers, and a competitive environment that can help you to stay motivated.

5. Utilize Technology

There are many online resources available that can help you to prepare for PG NEET. There are various apps, websites, and online courses that you can use to learn and practice different topics.

6. Stay Motivated

Cracking PG NEET requires perseverance and dedication. It’s essential to stay motivated and have a positive mindset throughout the preparation phase. Surround yourself with people who encourage and support you, and take care of your mental and physical well-being.

7. Tips for Exam Day

On the day of the exam, make sure to carry all the necessary documents, such as admit card, photo ID, and a passport-sized photograph. Reach the exam center early and avoid last-minute panic. Stay calm and focused during the exam, and manage your time effectively.


Cracking PG NEET requires a combination of hard work, dedication, and smart strategies. Understanding the exam pattern and syllabus, creating a study plan, focusing on the basics, practicing mock tests, joining coaching institutes, utilizing technology, staying motivated, and following exam day tips can help you to achieve success.


  1. What is the eligibility criteria for PG NEET? Ans. The candidate must have completed MBBS from a recognized university and completed the internship by March 31st of the exam year.
  2. How many times can I appear for PG NEET? Ans. There is no limit on the number of attempts for PG NEET.
  3. Is there any negative marking in PG NEET? Ans. Yes, one mark is deducted for every incorrect answer.
  4. Can I change my exam center after the admit card is released? Ans. No, the exam center once allotted cannot be changed.
  5. Can I use a calculator in the exam? Ans. No, the use of a calculator or any electronic device is prohibited in the exam hall.

Here is an insightful podcast with Dr Rajat Jain, Consultant and Head of the Department – Radiology, Primus Super Specialty Hospital, Chanakyapuri, Delhi. He has done his MBBS and MD from MAMC, Delhi and has further done his FRCR from UK.

He has a massive experience of over a decade and has about 10,000 hours to his name in teaching radiology.

He is a great guiding force to the students attempting NEET, having cracked it with Rank 1 himself and therefore provides key insights to passing with flying colors.

He is involved in teaching PG NEET students for the past 10 years is well known for his counseling and preparation strategy largely.

He is also an author of various research papers and review articles on the same.

Listen to our podcast where our Expert Trainer will answer questions on:

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  • Best ways to manage time during examinations
  • Prime topics that students need to prepare for
  • Suggestions on books or materials from popular authors
  • Coaching Centers and PG-NEET
  • Common mistakes made by students
  • Effective Self-assessment procedures
  • Tips on revision, before exams


We wish you good luck with your exams!

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