Specialist Certificate Course in Medication Safety

  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience shared by internationally recognized experts
  • Access content online and through virtual classes
  • Obtain information from a global perspective
  • Study in your own time and access the resources 24/7
  • Receive and internationally recognized certificate
  • Learn and apply the best practice to your work environment
heading_icon Specialist Certificate Course in Medication Safety
Specialist Certificate Course in Medication Safety
Key Features
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    Benefit from the knowledge and experience shared by internationally recognized experts
  • feature
    Access content online and through virtual classes
  • feature
    Obtain information from a global perspective
  • feature
    Study in your own time and access the resources 24/7
  • Receive and internationally recognized certificate
  • Learn and apply the best practice to your work environment
  •  Course Duration
    2 months
  •  Next Batch Date
    3rd Apr 2023

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Course Description

A medication safety incident is defined as an unexpected or unintended incident which could have, or which did lead to any harm to one or more patients. Medication safety incidents can occur at any stage of the process involved in the delivery of medicines to patients. These stages could range from prescribing medications (which includes transcribing or the physicians ordering medicines), dispensing, preparation, administration and monitoring of the medications. Similarly, in the ambulatory settings, the patients who are the ultimate users of drugs can also make errors at any stage of medicine use. The outcomes of the errors may range from mild inconvenience to the patient to even fatal toxic reactions. Therefore, methods need to be employed to detect the occurrence of such errors.

Medvarsity and International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), have together created a flexible, online education program on medication safety. This “Specialist Certificate Course in Medication Safety” covers right from introduction to medication safety to using unit huddles to reduce adverse drug events.

Course Objectives

The Learning Objectives of this course are to:

  • Define and articulate the terminology and the main concepts in the context of medication safety
  • Describe WHO’S Third Global Challenge
  • Describe strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of policies that are designed to improve medication safety
  • Outline the risks and benefits of technology on medication
  • Describe how to involve regulative authority and pharmaceutical industry for medication safety.
  • Articulate key approaches for addressing prescribing and dispensing errors
  • List out few strategies to handle high-risk medicines to improve medication safety
  • Define medication reconciliation

Course Outline:

The specialist certificate course in medication safety covers the following topics:

  • WHO’s Third Global Challenge
  • Improving Medication Safety on Policy Level
  • Detecting Medication Errors and Analyzing Medication Error Incident Reports
  • Reporting and Learning Systems for Medication Errors
  • Understanding Challenges in the Safe Use of Medications
  • High-Risk Medicines
  • Patients’ Experience in Understanding the Instructions for Medications
  • Interventions for the Safe Administration of Medications

Course Validity

  • 3 months. There will be an extra charge for the extension of the course validity.


  • Any graduate
  • Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy managers, quality officers, patient safety officers, quality and safety managers, administrators, improvement advisors/consultants and quality specialists whose prime focus includes improving healthcare quality will benefit from this course.


  • Online reflective learning assessments. The learner is tasked with applying the learning to one or more case studies or situations.


  • On completion of all course modules and assessments, successful candidates will receive a “Specialist Certificate in Medication Safety”, jointly from Medvarsity and ISQua.
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*Statutory taxes and levies not included. Taxes will be applied on checkout. Rates may vary based on management discretion.

Accreditation Partner(s)
  • International Society of Quality in Healthcare
1. Course related
  • Is this course recognized by MCI?
    • MCI currently doesn’t recognize any online courses delivered by any partner. Through our partnerships with universities and organizations, we ensure that the best learning content is available to our students. Some of our courses may carry international recognition and most of our courses are validated and recognized by over 40 hospital groups in India, Asia and Africa.
  • Can I get a Government Job with this added qualification?
    • You can apply anywhere as per your wish after completion of the program. This added qualification will make you a better health care provider. Selection in government job is mostly dependent on set criteria on which Medvarsity has no control or opinion.
2. Eligibility for the course
  • I have not completed my graduation. Can I enroll in this course?
    • Graduation is a pre-requisite for the course.
  • Can I submit my certificates at a later date after enrollment or can I enroll by providing my provisional certificates?
    • Provisional degree certificate can be submitted with an undertaking to provide the degree certificate within the stipulated time.
  • What are the prerequisites for an international student?
    • The eligibility for international students are the same (Graduation in any discipline).
3. What is a hands-on training program?
  • Hands-on training means training in an environment that permits each student to have experience performing tasks, making decisions, or using equipment appropriate to the job assignment for which the training is being conducted. The student assigned for these programs will be observing all procedures performed by the consultant and depending on the student’s abilities and skill set displayed at the hospital, he/she will get to assist the consultant.
4. Course delivery
  • How to access the course material online?
    • To access the course, click on kite.medvarsity using the login ID and password provided to you or click on “LOG IN USING YOUR ACCOUNT ON Google” and enter your Email ID: Gmail ID (Only if Gmail ID mentioned in the Application) & Password. In case you don’t have access to login ID and password, write to us at [email protected] & quote your registered email ID.
  • What If I am unable to open/access the course?
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5. Assessment and Exams
  • How to give exams online, procedure to give exams?
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    • Click on Access option; type your user name and password.
    • Select My Courses and then click on learn option.
    • Modules will be opened in which you have to select the module and click on it.
    • You will find various options like e Book , case discussions, videos, Assessment etc.,
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    • Click on Take assessment and read all the instructions -> click on start exam -> Attempt exam.
    • Every 60 seconds page gets deactivated, hence it is important that you refresh the page time and again.
  • Are the scheduled dates for the exams mandatory or not?
    • It is Optional, however if you have to complete all Modules and final exam before the Course Expiry date you will receive your certificate on time.
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    • If the page is left idle for more than 60 seconds session will expire automatically. Refresh the page periodically to avoid.
  • If session is expired, what to do?
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  • When will the final exam get activated?
    • If 1 month Course (1 week prior Course expiry).
    • If 3 Month Course (15 days prior Course expiry).
    • If 6 Month Course (45 Days prior Course Expiry).
    • If 1 Year Course (2 Months prior Course Expiry).
  • What is the procedure if Course is expired?
  • What if I don’t qualify in modules or final exam?
6. Certificate
  • What certification will I get at the end of the course?
    • Specialist Certificate Course in Medication Safety.
  • When will I get my certificate?
    • Once you successfully pass each Level, PDF of your E-Certificate will be auto-generated in the Learning management system.
7. Placement Assistance
  • Do you provide any placement assistance?
    • We do not provide any placement guarantee as an outcome of the course. On a case to case basis we will introduce your profile to specific recruiting partners but no job guarantee is provided.
8. Feedback
  • What if I have any concerns regarding the program delivery or what if I have any suggestions to improve the quality of the course?

Next Batch Start Date 3rd Apr 2023

Course Duration

2 months

Accreditation Partner(s)

  • International Society of Quality in Healthcare

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