Dosily is an online platform providing access to all of the world's leading medical journals and books, with the latest news, videos, cases, patient information materials, research information, and much more.

What do I get in the subscription?

McGraw Hill: Access Medicine Platform: contains 200+ books, 300+ cases, patient information, infographics, news, videos, and more.

Wolters Kluwer: 500+ journals, 100+ books, including NBE-approved journals covering 20+ medical specialties such as cardiology, critical care, endocrinology, etc.

Annual Subscription

₹ 70,000 ₹ 20,000

Invest in your medical practice!

Features of Dosily

Content that can't wait

Dosily provides instant access to everything you need, from the most recent research to guidelines and clinical content - giving you instant access to everything you need, all in one place.

Single source of reference materials

Our team of editors select only the best articles from journals and books. So you don't have to - we do it for you!

Easy-to-use interface

No more hunting around for what you want - we organize our content into easy-to-navigate sections that are categorized by type of content or specialty area for quick access.

Why are medical books and journals important for my medical career/practice?

Guidelines for treating diseases keep changing due to the fast pace of medical and pharmaceutical innovation. Keeping up with this new information is intimidating. Add to this all the information that healthcare practitioners learned once in medical college but forgot, or never knew and now need to find.

Clinicians, especially general physicians, have to be up-to-date with the latest information for both patients, who have a vast information source available to them, thanks to the internet and the organizations they work in, which increasingly track the quality of care. Thus, the doctor needs to upskill in his specialty within the limits of his free time.

This is where books and journals come in. It is a powerful tool to get the latest and best evidence-based practices and to learn from their fellow clinicians’ experiences.

As William Osler said, “A physician who does not use books and journals, who does not need a library, who does not read one or two of the best weeklies and monthlies, soon sinks to the level of the cross-counter prescriber, and not alone in practice, but in those mercenary feelings and habits that characterize a trade.”

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