Dental Laboratory Technician

Posted on16th November,2020
LocationAl Ain

Qualification2-5 years dental lab experience

Job Description

Read specifications, prescriptions and examine impressions or models to determine the design of dental products to be developed
Fabricate, repair, or alter dental devices like crowns, implant crowns, inlays, dentures, bridges or appliances for straightening teeth
Remove porcelain or excess metal and polish surfaces of prostheses, with the aid of polishing machines
Use small hand tools for the preparation of metal surfaces for bonding with porcelain in order to create artificial teeth
Test appliances to be sure they conform to accuracy and specifications of occlusion, using micrometers and articulators
Apply wax or porcelain paste over prosthesis frameworks, using spatulas and brushes
Place tooth models on equipment that mimics as well as movement of patient’s jaw to determine the functionality of model
Create a model of patient’s mouth
Replace or rebuild wire sections, linings, or missing teeth to repair dentures.



At least 2-5 years dental lab experience
Dental implant knowledge
Dental implant experience
Excellent communication skills.


2-5 yrs