Payment Options

Our Installments don't come with Interests but with Discounts!

To encourage the continued and affordable learning process, Medvarsity Online has introduced easy instalment models on selected courses. For each course, the suitable instalment model with respect to the course fee is mentioned on the respective course pages. The payment can be done by selecting any one of the instalment models.

Monthly installment scheme is designed to make the education affordable for the students.Check the monthly installment percentage that you need to pay for each model. The table given below represents the monthly course fee installment percentage under each module.

Instalment Options




*The 30-day period for each instalment model will be counted from the date of the first payment made by the student. Student opting for Model 2 of instalment need to pay 60% upfront & 40% by cheque within 30 days of enrollment. Students selecting the instalment model M1 only are eligible for a discount of 6% on the entire course fee.

For your reference, check the below table to understand which instalment model is applicable for the course fee mentioned on the website along with the attractive discounts with each instalment model.

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