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Dr. Bhavin Purohit

Fellowship in clinical cardiology is a good course if someone wants to be updated with basic cardiology and wishes to practice preventive cardiology. An excellent initiative by Medvarsity Apollo hospitals to start this course.

Dr. Sadiq Quraishi

I have successfully completed my FCCM course from Medvarsity and now, I am working at a prestigious hospital in Raipur Chhattisgarh in the Critical Care Medicine Department. One thing which I want to tell everyone is, that the Medvarsity staff is very helpful and were ready to help me every time whenever I had to solve any type of problem like online exam or my queries regarding the contact programs. And now, I am thinking to do another course from here. 
Thanks to Medvarsity

Dr. Hari Krupakar Reddy

I thank Medvarsity for giving the opportunity to perceive the FCC course. I have learnt a lot from this course and the contact program. Training period was good, there was a lot of scope to learn at Apollo Hyderabad. There was satisfactory learning in 2D Echo. Classes by Dr. Aziz was good. Reading ECG in depth helped me in diagnosing and treating many cardiac emergency cases. I have also enrolled for 2D Echocardiography course from Medvarsity. Thank you for giving this opportunity.

Dr. Devka Chandwani

My sincere thanks to Medvarsity and the concerned faculty of Apollo Hospital for having provided me with this opportunity to sail successfully in the sea of knowledge in the field of cardiology. The course material which also included online lectures and videos provided me with the best of knowledge in this field in a very simplified way. The contact program without which the course would have been just incomplete was the real essence of the course. The program was very well coordinated with good cooperation from the coordinator all throughout. The concerned faculty was very patient and humble in imparting their vast knowledge during the program. My sincere and respectful thanks to them. The interactive clinical lectures, case discussions, ICU, IPD, OPD postings and also the echocardiography lectures and training were all just excellent. It has all helped me upgrade my knowledge and skills in this field and will definitely improve my future job prospects. Really proud to be a part of this esteemed organization!!!! I would definitely recommend this to my friends and co-workers. Long live Medvarsity.


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