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Transform Your Medical Practice With CME Courses

  • Niyati Puri
In an era where healthcare is continuously evolving, it is imperative for healthcare professionals to recognize the importance of upskilling. Upskilling in the healthcare fraternity helps medical professionals like you not only grow in your medical speciality, but also acquire lucrative career opportunities. There are many ways you can invest in your professional growth and reach your career goals without hindering your daily schedule by opting for online CME courses. CME courses can empower you to reinforce your commitment towards providing medical excellence, and improve the quality of patient care. Read on to know how you can leverage the benefits of enrolling in CME courses.

What are CME courses?

Continuing Medical Education (CME) assists you in continuing your education after completing your MBBS. Online CME courses can help healthcare professionals like you stay abreast with the latest developments such as; novel treatment approaches, research and more.

What is a CME credit and how can doctors earn CME points in India?

CME, as we know, refers to educational events that are approved for CME credits.
In India, all practicing physicians below the age of 65 can continue to earn their CME credits to get their license renewed and meet the regulatory requirements.

Healthcare professionals can earn CME points through:

  1. Webinars, seminars or conferences.
  2. Workshops.
  3. Online courses - certificate and fellowship courses.

How are CME credits/points calculated?

The calculation of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits or points is dependent on the accreditation system that is used in various countries or regions. Usually, the number of CME credits awarded to a specific educational activity is determined by considering several factors.

Here are a few important parameters which are used in determining the calculator of CME credits:

  • CME credits/contact hours are calculated with the time spent participating in an educational activity. One credit is usually equivalent to one hour of educational content. These contact hours can be earned in workshops, seminars/webinars, and other interactive sessions.
  • The amount of educational content provided in an activity also plays an important factor in determining CME credits.
  • Learning format of the course or educational activity also influences the number of credits awarded. For example,  taking part in live events such as; conferences, educational webinars or workshops can vary.
  • Assessment or testing for a few CME courses may include assessments or tests after each module and course is completed to evaluate the learners’ understanding of the curriculum. The performance of the learner for these assessments can determine the number of credits awarded.
  • Relevance and complexity of the content featured in the educational activity can impact CME credit calculations based on the advanced topics, which improve overall patient care and might be eligible to receive more credits.
  • Educational objectives have predefined educational goals that outline what participants should be learning. The extent to which these objectives are met can also influence credit allocation.
  • Accreditation guidelines depend on the medical bodies or organizations that usually oversee the CME protocols, which have specific guidelines for credit allocation. The credits accredited should always adhere to the regulations set by the governing medical boards.
It's very crucial to keep in mind that different countries or regions might have their own accreditation systems, and the rules for the CME credit calculation which can vary as new rules come into play. Additionally, specific medical boards or organizations may have their own set criteria for accepting CME credits for license renewal or certification maintenance for healthcare providers.
If you are planning on earning CME credits it is imperative to always ensure that the educational activities you enroll in are accredited by relevant organizations. Apart from this, you should also keep track of whether your earned credits meet the regulatory and professional development requirements of the country you are currently practicing in.

13 Benefits of CME Courses for Healthcare Professionals

There are numerous ways a healthcare professional like you can benefit from enrolling in online CME courses, which don’t hamper with your personal and professional commitments. Here are a few ways you can directly benefit from CME courses you enroll in.

1. Competitive edge

Online CME courses, workshops and webinars provide valuable opportunities for you to expand your medical expertise and gain proficiency in novel advances, utilizing the latest technology and learning the best treatment approaches that result in better patient outcomes.

2. Better critical thinking skills

CME courses enhance problem-solving abilities, which help in tending to various medical emergencies. By empowering you to get familiarized with the latest evidence-based practices. CME courses equip doctors like you to learn and imply the best practices in medicine.

3. Reinforces the hospital and human connection

CME initiatives play a pivotal role in strengthening the connection between hospitals and their workforce. By investing in the ongoing professional development of their staff, healthcare institutions demonstrate a commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. CME programs also serve as a means for hospitals to showcase their dedication to supporting their employees, resulting in increased employee engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty. Furthermore, CME activities often facilitate networking and collaboration among healthcare professionals, creating a sense of community and shared purpose within the hospital environment.

4. Boon for hospitals

Hospitals that prioritize CME can reap numerous benefits since they encourage their workforce to engage in ongoing education, while they cultivate highly skilled employees which are competent and can adapt to evolving healthcare trends. This, in turn, leads to enhanced clinical performance, reduces medical errors, and improves patient safety. Additionally, hospitals that actively promote CME programs are more likely to attract and retain talented healthcare professionals who provide medical excellence.

5. Better patient outcomes

The ultimate beneficiaries of CME initiatives are the patients. By ensuring that healthcare providers stay up to date with the latest medical advancements, CME courses directly contribute to high-quality patient care. This results in improved patient outcomes, increased safety measures, and a higher level of confidence which is bestowed in the healthcare system. Through CME programs, hospitals and healthcare collaborate to elevate the standard of care, fostering trust and loyalty among patients.

6. Meet regulatory requirements

In India, CME is governed by The Medical Council of India and the other State Medical Councils, which require doctors to at least maintain 30 hours of CMEs every 5 years in order to get their licenses renewed.

7. Global exposure and perspective

 Healthcare professionals have the opportunity to be exposed to an internationally curated curriculum, renowned industry experts, which can help in boosting healthcare professionals' clinical skills, knowledge and confidence in handling complex cases.

8. Interdisciplinary learning opportunity

Many CME courses cover topics that span multiple medical specialities. This approach helps in fostering a broader understanding of healthcare and encourages collaboration with renowned healthcare experts, helping learners get acquainted with the latest treatment approaches.

9. Addresses complex challenges in healthcare

There are multiple CME courses that focus on addressing healthcare challenges prevalent in India, such as; maternal health, infectious diseases, non- communicable diseases, etc. For example, during the pandemic, there were many courses which were introduced for healthcare professionals to combat COVID-19. By enrolling in such CME courses, healthcare professionals can gain in-depth insights on how to combat these challenges in the most effective manner.

10. Career growth

Continuous learning and professional development through CME courses can help in enhancing any healthcare professional's credibility and competence in the medical fraternity. This, in turn, will always lead to career advancement opportunities within their organization or the healthcare sector.

11. Job satisfaction

Engaging in CME activities keeps healthcare professionals mentally stimulated and motivated. Staying informed and competent in their medical speciality helps in increasing job satisfaction and also prevents burnout which is common in the medical industry.

12. Better job opportunities

It goes without saying that when you stay abreast with the latest advancements in any industry, you are able to secure better job opportunities. Upskilling can be a game changer for healthcare professionals as it helps you stay ahead of your peers, and be industry ready. By mastering essential skills in the medical industry you gain leverage over other healthcare professionals who might be proficient in their practice but may lack the clinical expertise which is relevant to the current times and advancements in the healthcare industry. Upskilling can help healthcare professionals like you bag the best jobs the industry has to offer, get recognized by top recruiters, hospitals and help you open your own clinical practice.

13. Bridges the skill gap in the healthcare industry

A key strategy for ensuring employee development and bridging the skill gap is via upskilling. Depending on the domain, upskilling in healthcare entails specialized clinical and non-clinical training.

How is Medvarsity Bridging the Gap in the Healthcare Industry?

Medvarsity is Asia’s largest healthcare ed-tech company, accredited by the British Accreditation Council that assists healthcare professionals like you in upskilling in your clinical practice by acquiring CME points. Medvarsity caters to the requirements of both clinicians and non-clinicians to ensure industry demand is met with a skilled and competent workforce.
Medvarsity’s self-paced learning courses allow healthcare professionals like you to learn on-the-go. Our interactive case-based learning approach is designed to help healthcare professionals comprehend how to analyze, conduct accurate diagnoses and recommend customized treatment plans.

Why Choose Medvarsity?

  • Excellence in Medicine: Courses designed by globally renowned faculty members.
  • Industry Recognition: Global accreditation by CPD Standards, UK, ​​Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, NHS, Royal Colleges of UK and other esteemed medical bodies.
  • Interactive Classes: Live classes, case-based discussions and webinars via
  • Hospital Partnerships: Clinical training at leading hospitals like Apollo, AIG, Cloudnine.
  • Case-based Learning: Engaging learning approach with real-world examples.
  • Access credible content: Access the world’s leading books and journals from McGraw Hill.

Achieve Medical Excellence Through Best CME Courses.

Overall, CME courses play a crucial role in ensuring that healthcare professionals like you in India maintain high standards of patient care, continuously update your knowledge and skills, and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of medicine.
We at Medvarsity, are committed to helping you advance in your career by helping you enhance your clinical skills and knowledge, which will help you serve your community better. Upskilling with Medvarsity’s Fellowship and certificate courses can take your career to the next level.
All the courses at Medvarsity are designed by globally renowned faculty members to assist you in staying updated on the latest advancements in the medical industry. Our industry-recognized certification courses are accredited by globally recognized medical bodies, which can help you transform your career.
Medvarsity’s case-based approach provides healthcare professionals like you with insights into the latest treatment guidelines and technology in the medical industry.  So, you always stay ahead of your peers.
Find out how you can invest in your medical practice and create an impact in healthcare through online CME courses.

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