7 Effective Ways to Crack NEET PG in the First Attempt

Cracking the NEET PG Exam in the first attempt is the dream of every student. But the dream comes true only for a few of them. Yes, it is difficult to crack NEET PG in the first attempt but it’s not impossible if you do not restrict to specific methods or tips for the preparation of the exam.

It’s high time to go beyond the traditional approach and start deploying a more strategic and innovative approach to crack the NEET PG. Before starting preparation for NEET PG, you need to have a detailed understanding of the exam structure, pattern, eligibility criteria, and psychology of the examiners.

What is NEET PG?

NEET PG is the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for students to qualify for the various postgraduate programs-Doctor of Medicine (MD), Master of Surgery (MS), and diploma courses in both government and private colleges in India. The National Board of Examinations conducts this exam while the Directorate General of Health Services conducts the counseling and seat allotment.

MBBS degree or provisional MBBS pass certificate, MBBS registration certificate, and one year of internship are a must for applying for NEET PG. If the student is an Indian citizen but  a graduate from a foreign medical college, then qualifying for the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination is mandatory.

NEET PG is a computer-based exam that consists of 300 questions and is being conducted in 162 test centers across India. The question paper is divided into 3 parts A, B, and C with each part containing 50, 100, and 150 questions respectively.

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How to Prepare for NEET PG? 

Given the high competition level, aspirant students struggle and experience with multiple ways to study and crack India’s largest medical entrance examination NEET PG in the first attempt. As an aspirant, you might ponder over whether all the toppers clear the NEET exam in the first attempt. But that’s not true. Most of the toppers have attempted multiple times to attain the top position.

Candidates who dream about pursuing a career in the medical sector should be mentally prepared that cracking the NEET exam is not similar to school or board exams. Hard work, diligence, focus, and passion are mandatory if you are serious about it. Though hard work teaches us how to achieve the goals through discipline, dedication, and determination, studying smart and avoiding ineffective studying techniques might help you ace the exam.

Here is a sneak peek of the 7 study techniques for the candidates who are gearing up for the NEET PG exam:

1. Studying smart

NBE (National Board of Examination) has revealed that 1,67,102 candidates had registered for NEET PG 2022 exam and 1,60,888 candidates appeared for the exam. The pass percentage of the exam was 55.65% with 89,549 candidates cracking the exam. Now imagine the magnitude of the competition, which means studying hard is not enough to crack the exam in the first attempt but studying smart will do. NEET toppers believe in studying smart instead of cramming 24/7 at the cost of health, diet and sleep.

2. Create a study schedule 

A study plan helps to organize study schedules based on the study times for individual subjects and their learning goals. This mechanism will take you back to the school days where you would dedicate a specific time for studying each subject. Medical aspirants should have weekly learning goals based on the topics and subjects. The timetable should be prepared in such a manner that it gives you the room to revise each topic multiple times.

Create an excel sheet with the name of the subject, the number of topics each subject covers, the duration to complete each topic with the revision time. And most importantly, the plan should involve prioritizing the difficult or important topics in the excel sheet which usually consumes ample amount of time to accomplish. Setting the right template for the learning goals is very important.

3. Put yourself in the shoes of the examiner

Before you begin preparing for the NEET PG exam, think of yourself as an examiner.

  • Ask yourself some crucial questions like what are the important qualities that make a good doctor?
  • What skills are required to become an excellent doctor?
  • What are the key traits of an ideal doctor?
  • What are the practices doctors should deploy to improve their communication with the patients?

These are the tentative questions an examiner might consider while setting the paper for the exam. The objective of the exam is to select smart and talented candidates who can become the healthcare leaders of tomorrow.

4. NEET PG Mock test 

Taking a mock test will help you understand the pattern of the questions and assess your strengths and weaknesses. NEET PG 2022 Mock Test will be available on the official website of the National Board of Education. The test is conducted to select eligible candidates for postgraduate medical programs. Registered candidates can take the mock test for their practice sessions.

Moreover, candidates can also practice mock tests on NEET PG App by Edu Gorilla. This app helps you to prepare for NEET PG exam by providing the online test series which covers previous years papers, features 10 mock tests, sectional tests for NEET PG, 24×7 online access, personalized performance analysis of the mock test, section-wise test papers and online mock tests as per the latest pattern.

5. Studying 24/7 is not mandatory

Studying 9-10 hours everyday is enough if you stay focused while studying. Productive learning comes from thoroughly reading books while escaping internet addiction. If you are staying with your family, then you can switch off the phone and close the door of your study room to avoid distractions and ensure maximum productivity.

Of course, studying for long hours at a stretch is also not suggestive. Take a break of 10-15 mins every 2 hours to give a rest to your mind.

6. Take control of your wandering mind 

However, switching off your phone and closing the door does not mean that you are studying very hard. You need to take control of your mind and get rid of useless thoughts as well. Focus on your learning goals and try to finish your task within the stipulated time.

Evaluate your actual learning time with the total number of hours you spend on study. You need to be motivated all the time since the journey is very long. A little distraction might stop you from staying ahead in the competition.

7. Choosing the best books for NEET PG

It’s very imperative to gather the best study materials that can help the candidates with the preparation. There are a plethora of books in the market for NEET PG exam, but choosing the best books is a crucial task. If you are searching for the right study materials, then Quora is the right platform to post your queries and get book recommendations from experts.

Also read reviews of all the books from authentic sources before you make a purchase. It’s always advisable to buy the latest edition of the books which have the NEET PG exam patterns of the previous year.

Is NEET PG exam tough?

Yes, it is tough. Because the exam pattern is decided by the National Board of Examination which also conducts the exam. But it’s not impossible to crack  the exam if you adhere to the above exam patterns and tips. Cracking this exam will help candidates to get admissions into MD/MS and other postgraduate diploma program’s at the most-coveted medical colleges across the country.

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