Is Nephrology a good career choice in India?

The field of medicine is witnessing numerous advancements that pave the way for improving optimal health outcomes in patients. With diverse health conditions prevalent over the past decades, specialty-specific expertise like Nephrology is gaining more importance in healthcare. In this era of medical specialization, it is imperative to become a super-specialist, as there is a constant rise in the complexity of health concerns. The need for super specialty degrees has become increasingly apparent for doctors even after completing their MD or MS.


A career in the field of Nephrology offers multiple career prospects to healthcare practitioners. Staying up to date with the latest advancements, techniques, and procedures can help an aspiring physician like yourself, who wants to flourish in the field of Nephrology. Read on to discover how you can create a niche in this super-specialty.


What is Nephrology?

Nephrology is a branch of internal medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of acute and chronic kidney diseases. Nephrology mainly focuses on renal physiology and renal pathophysiology.


What factors increase the risk of kidney disease?

Kidney diseases are caused due to multiple factors, such as age or any underlying illness. As we age, the ability of kidneys to remove waste from the body gradually reduces. Also, any damage to the kidneys can increase the risk of illness and inflammation, which can prevent the filtering of the blood and the proper functioning of the kidneys.


Additionally, regulating blood pressure is one of the major functions of the kidneys. When the body does not filter blood properly and doesn’t receive adequate amounts of fluids and nutrients, it becomes unhealthy. The lack of kidney function can increase the chances of developing chronic kidney disease, kidney failure, or end-stage renal disease, which involves regular dialysis.


How to become a Nephrologist?

A candidate with sound knowledge of the latest medical techniques and treatment guidelines applied in the field of Nephrology. The healthcare professional specializing in Nephrology should possess the ability to work under challenging conditions, and provide patient-centric care for patients who require kidney dialysis.


Required skills for a Nephrologist:

Nephrology courses help candidates to choose various specializations under the Nephrology program. The eligibility criteria to become a Nephrologist include:

1) Undergraduate Courses: A candidate must have completed 10+2 with at least 50% in PCM subjects, and independent entrance tests are conducted by state, national, and private colleges for UG programs (MBBS).


2) Postgraduate Courses:  Following the completion of a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery, and an MD in general medicine, candidates must take an entrance exam conducted by various state, central, and private universities and colleges to acquire the degree of DM in Nephrology.


3) Doctoral Courses: A DM in Nephrology or DNB in Nephrology can be obtained after completion of MD in General Medicine courses. This course lasts three years. As a Nephrologist, you can practice once you have obtained the requisite registration from the Medical Council of India (MCI).


What is the scope of Nephrology in India?

India’s adult population has a diabetes prevalence of 7.1% with a prevalence higher than 28% in metropolises, and an average hypertension prevalence of 17% in our country. Blood sugar, also called glucose, is our body’s main source of energy. It is a known fact that several chronic diseases are caused by an imbalance or improper level of sugar in the body. As a result, chronic diseases are driving the Indian nephrologist market.


The highest burden of chronic kidney disease is seen in people falling between the age group of 45-69 years. Furthermore, a rise in the geriatric population is significantly increasing the susceptibility to chronic kidney diseases, and the need for kidney dialysis. The dearth of skilled and knowledgeable healthcare practitioners in India is limiting access to appropriate healthcare services in the field of Nephrology. Career options in Nephrology in India and abroad are increasing day by day for highly skilled physicians.


A physician trained in diagnosing and treating kidney pathologies is the need of the hour. A growing number of diabetics and hypertensives in India is driving demand for nephrologists. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research, diabetes and hypertension account for 40%- 60% of chronic kidney diseases in the country.


With more people requiring kidney dialysis, numerous kidney dialysis centers have been established as a part of healthcare facilities over the last few years. The recent advancements in the diagnosis of kidney diseases in increasing the need for specialists trained in addressing kidney-related pathologies.


There are various hospitals and clinics where aspirants can work at government or private hospitals to Nephro-care centers. As the demand for hospitals and health centers increases, so will the demand for doctors and specialists in various fields.


Nephrology as a career path in India offers diverse opportunities to physicians who can work in reputed hospitals, research centers, kidney dialysis centers, and more. Among the pediatric subspecialties, pediatric nephrology is one of the fastest-growing specialties that addresses kidney-related diseases in children. The nephrology department at certain hospitals offers doctors the chance to develop advanced treatments for better patient care.


Why choose Medvarsity?

A physician trained in delivering customized treatment approaches for patients suffering from renal concerns has a good opportunity to build a lucrative career in the field of Nephrology. A healthcare professional with the expertise to evaluate and treat renal function concerns can significantly contribute to reducing the kidney disease burden on the healthcare system.


Various Ed-tech companies that provide nephrology courses online give an aspiring physician like you, a good scope to upskill with relevant skills that are essential to diagnose, manage and treat diverse renal-related concerns.


If you are in search of online Nephrology courses in India, Medvarsity is one of the best and also Asia’s largest ed-tech companies for healthcare providers offering blended learning programs that include fellowships, advanced certificates, and certificate courses. Medvarsity’s online Nephrology courses give you the flexibility to continue your education without disturbing  your medical practice.

Medvarsity’s learning framework includes advanced course material and virtual case-based learning that allows you to gain better insight into the subject.


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What’s more in the Fellowship in Nephrology?

  1. 9 Months Online Course for MBBS graduates
  2. Accredited by the Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation
  3. Case-based Learning Approach
  4. 8 Weeks Contact Program at NephroPlus dialysis centers across the country
  5. Clinical Case Discussions
  6. Access to Books & Journals from McGraw-Hill & Wolters Kluwer

Here’s your chance to improve your skills and learn about the latest advances in nephrology. Acquire skills to assess & manage various renal disorders through evidence-based approaches to kidney care with Medvarsity’s Fellowship in Nephrology.

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