Role Of AYUSH In Present Healthcare

Role Of AYUSH In Present Healthcare

  • Dr Sraavya A
AYUSH practice is one of the oldest systems that dates back over 5000 years and has a rich history of treating a wide range of health conditions. The acronym AYUSH stands for Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. Despite its benefits and a high number of followers, there is a question that still arises “What is the role of AYUSH in a healthcare setting?”
The advancements in technology have made allopathy a mainstream healthcare concept that defines what it means to be in the 'healthcare' industry today. But, did you know that there has been a growing interest in AYUSH? As people are seeking more holistic and natural approaches to attain overall health and wellness, AYUSH medicine has become a much more sustainable and holistic treatment method.
In recent years, the focus of AYUSH has been growing as these therapies focus on an individual's overall well-being, rather than just treating specific symptoms, and aim to restore balance to the mind, body, and spirit. Read on to know how an AYUSH professional’s approach is different from other healthcare professionals.


AYUSH practitioners are essential to the healthcare system in India since they are known and appreciated for providing a holistic approach to health. Holistic health is where one considers an individual's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements while providing care. They also teach patients about healthy lifestyles and self-care habits that can improve general well-being and prevent ailments. Another significant component of AYUSH physicians is their role in assisting people in managing chronic health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis, to improve the overall quality of life.
AYUSH practitioners are frequently found as the primary healthcare providers in rural India. They give low-cost, accessible healthcare to populations that do not have access to modern treatment. They also play an important in encouraging indigenous healthcare methods and maintaining traditional medicinal knowledge even in the modern era.
In addition to their role as primary healthcare providers, AYUSH professionals also play an important role in promoting awareness about the benefits of alternative medicine. They work to educate the public about the safe and effective use of AYUSH practices, and they collaborate with other healthcare providers and organizations to improve the overall quality of the healthcare system in India. Especially during the COVID pandemic in India, AYUSH physicians worked alongside other medical professionals as frontline warriors to aid patients suffering from COVID a played a key role in the vaccination drives conducted across the country.
AYUSH practitioners also work to improve the standards and quality of AYUSH education and practice. They participate in research and development to advance the knowledge base of AYUSH medicine and to promote the integration of AYUSH practices into modern healthcare systems.
Since the AYUSH system is mostly composed of traditional and indigenous systems of medicines, they believe that the dyscrasias that arise in the body are due to an imbalance created in the planes of body, mind, and soul. Their approach to treating a condition is also on similar lines where importance is given to treating not just the symptoms but to giving overall relief to the patient. They achieve this through various therapies that include counseling, massage, dietary modification, yoga & meditation, and medication. The medicines produced by AYUSH are mostly herbal and are sourced mostly from indigenous plant sources. However, in-depth each and every system within the AYUSH framework is different from the other, for example, medicine preparation sourcing and administration also varies from allopathic medication prepartion.

Scope of AYUSH professionals in India:

AYUSH professionals are gaining importance in the current medical scenario and they have a huge role to play in the present healthcare sector, here are some of the key roles and scope of AYUSH professionals in the healthcare system:
“Do we realise, we did ad great job in fighting COVID? And that has increased our popularity and acceptance by the public!” - Prof. Dr. B.D.Patel about AYUSH and Homoeopathy medicine system.
  • Primary care physicians: Many state government bodies are recruiting AYUSH professionals as Medical officers to work under PHCs and CHCs after a brief period of training under a senior officer.
  • Research officers: There are government-funded research organizations in almost every system under AYUSH and graduates and post-graduates from these systems of medicine are recruited to work as central or regional research associates. One can also choose to do a Ph.D. and do independent research in the area of interest to propagate the system of AYUSH.
  • Public health officers: AYUSH graduates who complete their post-graduation in public health get recruited in central government roles and can work as a public health project manager and industrial hygienist.
  • Hospital administrators: AYUSH graduates who choose to do an MBA in hospital management or MHA can also work in hospital sectors as hospital administrators. Their role is to streamline the administrative process as per the NABH norms.
  • Quality control officers: AYUSH graduates can also work in the AYUSH pharmaceutical industries as quality control officers to ensure that the drug materials are sourced from an authentic source, and the production is as per the norms in order to meet the guidelines set by the governing body.
  • Union Public Service Commissioners: AYUSH professionals who appear in UPSC civil service examinations, have the opportunity to acquire ministerial levels in the AYUSH boards of their medical system, and may also be placed in other key roles within the Ministry of AYUSH.
You can refer to the 7 Mantras for a successful Career in AYUSH is discussed in this Webinar, by Prof.Dr. B.D. Patel, where he shares his experience as an AYUSH practitioner and lays guidelines for the budding AYUSH healthcare professionals.

Exclusive Courses Curated for AYUSH Professionals:

As a medical professional, one is always under constant scrutiny and at a time when the AYUSH system is gaining importance it is more important now than ever to stay abreast with the latest developments in the healthcare system to have the practical knowledge of dealing with various cases.

Here are a few courses that you can choose from to build your career in the Ministry of AYUSH. 


Advanced Certificate in Diabetes Mellitus:

  • Case-based learning provides students with active learning opportunities
  • Access to McGraw Hill (R)'s collection of books and videos
  • Live virtual case discussions allow active learning
  • Comprehensive coverage of advanced diabetes management

Advanced Certificate in Internal Medicine:

  • Apply the principles of evidence-based medicine in making diagnostic and management decisions
  • Case-based learning provides students with active learning opportunities
  • Book and video access from McGraw Hill (R)
  • Key insights by the distinguished faculty and interactive elements will enhance the clinical perspective

Fellowship in Preventive Cardiology:

  • Training sessions by leading cardiologists
  • Clinical training focused on cardiovascular risk factor assessment
  • Certified by Medvarsity
  • The course is designed for evidence-based preventive cardiology practice

Advanced Certificate in Clinical Cardiology:

  • Students are able to engage in active learning through the interactive case-based approach
  • Teaches basic and advanced life support
  • You can access books and videos from McGraw Hill (R)
  • Comprehensively covers common cardiological conditions

Post Graduate Program in Infectious Diseases:

  • Certified by UNSW, Australia
  • Scheduled webinars by Global Faculty
  • Exclusive program for MBBS
  • Course developed by UNSW

Advanced Certificate in Critical Care Medicine:

  • Active learning opportunities are provided by the interactive case-based approach
  • McGraw Hill (R) books and videos
  • Apply a systematic approach to airway management
  • Understand the principles and functioning of various ICU devices
  • Become confident to practice multiple procedural competencies needed in the ICU

Advanced Certificate Course in Gynecology and Obstetrics:

  • In case-based learning, students participate actively in the learning process
  • Gain access to books and videos from McGraw Hill (R)
  • It enables you to administer primary care to a variety of gynecological problems
  • Exclusive program in India for resident doctors who are willing to work in gynecology and obstetrics units

Advanced Certificate in Pediatrics:

  • Learn accurate diagnosis and treatment planning of pediatric diseases and conditions
  • Learn about providing comprehensive medical care to newborns, children, and adolescents
  • Helps you determine appropriate laboratory testing and interpret findings pertinent to children

Advanced Certificate in Clinical Nutrition:

  • Comprehensive coverage of nutrition in various systemic diseases
  • Detailed case studies on patients allow real-time application
  • Expert talks from KOLs give a practical view of nutrition
  • Equips you to handle a nutritional unit

Masterclass in Hospital Administration:

  • Certification by Medvarsity
  • Training by industry experts
  • Well-recognized course with over 3000 enrolments

How can the Medvarsity course help you grow your career in AYUSH?

Courses from Medvarsity are curated by top-ranking doctors across various medical fields. These courses help AYUSH physicians become confident healthcare providers by gaining the practical knowledge needed to practice independently or work in a hospital.
Medvarsity’s courses help physicians gain a practical approach to their theoretical knowledge. These self-paced course implement a case-based learning approach, which helps learners gain exclusive medical insights and improve their clinical expertise.
If you are interested in enrolling in a course designed exclusively for AYUSH professional, then you impact healthcare through education through these available courses, that don’t disrupt your daily schedule. Online seld-paced courses are the best suitable choice for new age doctors who want to learn as you work. Discover which course can help you grow your career in AYUSH.

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