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Who We Are: Medvarsity Online Ltd., is the leading online medical certification and training company with presence across eight locations in India and students across India, Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

As India’s first virtual medical university, Medvarsity was established in the year 2000, to provide cutting edge medical education to medical professionals in India. With over 35000 trained professionals and course accreditation by leading global partners, Medvarsity is a leader in the medical certification training in the region.

Medvarsity’s partnership with the Apollo Hospital Group (largest hospital group in Asia) enables us to deploy our students within the hospital(s) for their clinical training. This partnership is a first of its kind in the online medical training industry.

Why you should work with us: Medvarsity is going through its second growth phase. We’re on track to hit our target of 100% growth this year and further exponential growth the next. We’re increasing our total headcount by 100% this year and strengthening our position as a market leader. Single minded focus on growth creates opportunities for almost everyone who is a part of Medvarsity.

Structurally we are a flat organization with career growth linked to measurable performance metric and entrepreneurial zeal. A hands off leadership style provides all functional leaders with an equal opportunity to grow their business and demonstrate success. Therefore, Medvarsity has lots of great opportunities and offers a great work environment, professional development, challenging careers and competitive compensation.

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