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Our Psychiatry rotation is hosted at West Central Hospital in Columbus, Georgia, with a special focus on adult inpatient forensic psychiatry. This program is designed for patients suffering from severe mental illnesses, who often require long-term care, with stays averaging several years. Participants will immerse themselves in interactive patient interactions, have the chance to present on topics that interest them personally and engage in comprehensive discussions about patient cases with their preceptor.

Currently, this rotation is exclusively offered online, providing flexibility and accessibility to participants regardless of geographical constraints. Through this virtual platform, students can still glean invaluable insights and hands-on experience in the realm of forensic psychiatry, despite the physical distance from the hospital setting.

  • Explore adult inpatient forensic psychiatry online
  • Engage in patient interactions, presentations, and case discussions with experienced preceptors
  • Access the rotation online for flexibility and global participation, gaining valuable insights into forensic psychiatry
1. How can I enroll in this US Rotation Program? <p style="text-align:justify"><span style="font-size:11pt">You can enroll in this program by selecting the “<strong>Enquire Now</strong>” option on the course page. Following your inquiry, an admissions counselor from Medvarsity will contact you with further details about the program.</span></p>
2. I am not a registered medical professional. Can I still sign up for this program? <p style="text-align:justify"><span style="font-size:11pt">To enroll in this program, it&#39;s essential to be a registered healthcare professional. </span></p>
3. What is the duration of this rotational program? <p style="text-align:justify"><span style="font-size:11pt">The program spans 4 weeks. It is designed to cover all essentials, providing you with comprehensive U.S. clinical exposure and a practical approach to become proficient in the field.</span></p>
4. What certification will I receive at the end of the course? <p style="text-align:justify"><span style="font-size:11pt">Upon meeting the completion criteria, you will receive a course certificate from Medvarsity. The certificate, which will be generated in your account, includes your name, the course title, and the date of completion. Please note that no salutations will be included with your name on the certificate.</span></p>
5. What if I have concerns regarding the program delivery or suggestions for improving the course quality? <p style="text-align:justify"><span style="font-size:11pt">If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to email us at ‘<strong>[email protected]</strong>’.</span></p>