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How Can A Clinical Rotation Program Benefit Medical Graduates?

  • Niyati Puri
The medical industry is continuously evolving and taking on different shapes and forms. Simultaneously, teaching and learning methodologies have also seen some major changes, which has led to introducing hands on learning experiences for international medical graduates with this clinical rotations program.
Learning from top medical schools surely teaches medical graduates the clinical approach in their respective countries. But, a hospital-based residency program in the United States can be a gamechanger for an early medical graduate's career! In addition to possessing strong theoretical knowledge, acquiring relevant skill sets in advanced clinical practices is crucial for efficient healthcare delivery.
Indian students who aspire to enroll in a clinical rotation program in the United States of America can also increase their chances of working in the USA as resident doctors. Read on to find out how.

What is a Clinical Rotation Program?

This rotation gives an international medical graduate (Indian medical students/doctors) an exposure to American medicine, as they would experience it in a hospital-based residency program. It also helps them become acclimated to the practice of medicine in an American clinical setting.
The major goal of a clinical rotation program helps medical practitioners learn, comprehend, and gain a deeper understanding of specific medical practices, and regulations of how top hospital rotations operate in the USA.

Who is Eligible to Apply for the Clinical Rotation Program in the USA ?

  • MBBS graduates
  • Final year students, and medical interns can apply for the AMIQT/JCMI clinical rotation program offered by Medvarsity.
  • Benefits of a Clinical Rotation Program

Which visa is required for a clinical rotation program in the USA?

B1/B2 visas are required to qualify for a clinical rotation program in the USA.

What is the selection process for our clinical rotation program? 

The selection process for the AMIQT/JCMI clinical rotation program is pretty straightforward.
  • Medical graduates are interviewed by the course faculty
  • Once the candidate’s background check and qualification review are complete
  • An admission offer letter is shared with the student for the clinical rotation program
Our program is specifically designed to benefit international medical students and graduates seeking clinical experience in the United States.

Students can now enroll in the rotation program in India and finish their course in the United States of America. 

  1. Discover how you can operate and manage an electronic medical record system
  2. Medical graduates can explore research opportunities in their areas of interest and expertise
  3. Improve your chances of matching in US residency
  4. Clinical evaluation by medical mentors after every rotation
  5. Resume and CV critique review for personal and professional development
  6. Gain experience in American healthcare and medicine
  7. Choose and specialize from various medical specialties
  8. Find out how patient care plans are created
  9. Get a letter of recommendation after completing your clinical rotation and add more value to your resume
  10. Experience & complete a performance evaluation

In addition, many other advantages come with being a health professional that you imply in your day-to-day life.

  • Refine your note-taking abilities
  • Join debates regarding treatment and diagnosis
  • Observe how physicians carry out their daily rounds
  • Accurately read and interpret lab reports
  • Observe how physicals are performed

Major clinical rotation programs offered by AMIQT/JCMI and Medvarsity

  1. Neurology
  2. Internal Medicine
  3. Psychiatry
  4. Family Medicine
  5. Pediatrics
  6. Obstetrics/ Gynecology
  7. Cardiothoracic Surgery
  8. Ophthalmology
  9. Pediatric Ophthalmology
  10. Nephrology

Take Advantage of this Opportunity and Excel in your Career

The clinical rotations in the USA for international graduates by AMIQT in association with Medvarsity have been curated to provide international medical graduates with the skills to thrive in the US healthcare system. The courses available by AMIQT and Medvarsity for international medical graduates can improve medical graduates’ current skills, fast-track their careers, and acquire American clinical experience. It is exceptionally advantageous for medical graduates to establish their clinical profile and to have instructors who are willing to mentor them.
Find out which clinical rotation program in the USA is best for you and increase your chances of working in the American healthcare system.

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