Global Rise in Respiratory Illnesses Demands Pulmonologists

As you may know, respiratory illnesses are significantly increasing over the past few years, making COPD the 3rd leading cause of death globally. Did you know nearly 545 million people are suffering from chronic respiratory diseases worldwide? Although they impart less burden on healthcare, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that nearly 50 million people globally suffer from occupational lung diseases. Read on to know why there is a demand for pulmonologists in India. 

Pulmonology is one of the fastest-growing medical specialties that contribute high to the healthcare sector. Over the last two years, we have been witnessing how the pandemic has created a demand for pulmonologists in India and globally.

An alarming increase in respiratory illnesses demands expert pulmonologists to provide effective primary care to patients suffering from respiratory problems. Therefore, a well-qualified pulmonologist is the need of the hour to address the increasing rate of lung-related problems. 

Respiratory illnesses are just not confined to adults, they are also common in children and adolescents. Also, an increase in the number of children born with pulmonary disorders has also created a demand for pediatric pulmonologists across the globe. Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death in children below 5 years. Asthma affects 14% of children worldwide while Tuberculosis (TB) kills nearly 1.4 million people every year globally. Hence, the need for pulmonologists has been more than ever. 

Common Respiratory Issues 

  1. Asthma
  2. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD)
  3. Pneumonia
  4. Pulmonary edema
  5. Chronic bronchitis

Risk factors that contribute to respiratory illnesses

The liberty to breathe fresh air in its purest form comfortably is significantly getting harder with the hazardous pollutants around us. Any disease or health condition that affects the lungs can sometimes have an impact on the other major organs in the body too. 

1. Tobacco smoking including secondhand smoke is the major risk factor that contributes to the risk of respiratory illnesses.

2. Occupational exposure to hazardous pollutants, such as arsenic, asbestos, radon gas, and other harmful substances/chemicals at the workplace can trigger respiratory problems.

3. Environmental risks such as exposure to harmful air, dust, and fumes can increase the risk of COPD.

4. A family history of lung disease is more likely to increase your risk of developing respiratory problems.

Tips to manage and prevent respiratory illnesses 

  1. Simple lifestyle modifications can be beneficial for lung health and can increase the risk of chronic respiratory diseases. A healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular physical exercise, and quality sleep ensures that the blood circulated throughout the body is well oxygenated, which helps the lungs expel carbon dioxide with ease.
  2. Timely detection and diagnosis can help avoid the risk resulting from respiratory diseases. Healthcare professionals should ensure that they provide effective treatment modalities with high standards to address pulmonary disorders.
  3. Awareness about the various respiratory illnesses. A better understanding of respiratory disease makes it easier to identify the cause and helps in precise diagnosis and management of it. At times, a better understanding of the disease progression and causative source helps a pulmonologist arrive at a tailor-made approach for effective patient outcomes.

The Upsides of opting for Pulmonology as a Career 

The pulmonologists market in the near future is reported to witness exponential growth that could greatly contribute to healthcare revenue through evaluations, medical management, and clinical procedures. A 4 % increase in CAGR is expected between 2021 – 2031 and the global interventional pulmonology market will be in high demand to handle pulmonary emergencies.

COVID-19 had contributed to the deficit in specialists across all the major specialties. The crisis is still on and people are facing difficulty finding a specialist in pulmonology. Some pulmonologists are pausing their career paths much early, especially when novel technologies and innovations are taking over. Failure to upgrade their skills to meet the demands of the current world is forcing them to quit their career at a much early stage. 

Along with providing consultation and inpatient services, being a part of critical care services in the pulmonology department requires an up-to-date command of the latest innovations. Upskilling theoretical knowledge to implement the same in clinical practice can aid in better patient outcomes. By learning the advanced treatment modalities, pulmonologists can deliver healthcare practices that can reduce the respiratory health burden globally. 

Upskill yourself to become an expert Pulmonologist 

Medvarsity’s e-learning modules, advanced certificate, and the Fellowship in Pulmonology course helps in providing better medical management for patients suffering from various respiratory conditions. These online courses for pulmonologists will bring on profound knowledge on the assessment and management of respiratory illnesses. This course can be taken up by primary care physicians working under pulmonologists in tertiary care at various hospitals.

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