A dentist is providing information about advancing one's dental career through a fellowship in endodontics. The focus is on the growth and opportunities this specialized program can offer in the field of dentistry.

Grow Your Dental Career With A Fellowship In Endodontics

  • Susmitha G
Upskilling plays an integral role in medical graduates’ life as it helps them keep up with novel advancements in the healthcare domain, impacting their clinical expertise and improving patient treatment outcomes. If you are in quest of any courses after BDS, a fellowship program is one of the best career choices to choose. A fellowship courses after BDS helps update your knowledge with the latest advancements in the dental field.
For any graduate like you, irrespective of the domain, choosing the right career path can be quite troublesome at one point in time. Depending on the interests and career goals, making the right choice can always fetch an unparalleled career with a promising future. As the saying goes - “practice makes a man perfect”, it is essential for you to enhance your clinical skills in order to flourish in your career.
Most graduates like you who have completed BDS usually come to a standstill moment while searching for career options after BDS. However, the healthcare industry offers a wide range of career opportunities for graduates like you who aim to scale up careers by learning advanced treatments in dentistry. Read on to know which career would be the most suitable for you if you choose to enroll in a Fellowship After BDS.

What is a Fellowship?

In general, a medical fellowship is a process of gaining expertise in a specific area of medicine following graduation. Fellowships allow you to gain in-depth knowledge of a particular field and help you gain expertise in the area of specialization. Fellowship programs are focused on academic and professional growth, which help you acquire the latest clinical skills and treatment methodologies.
A fellowship program gives valuable exposure and vast experience to the subject under the guidance of experienced faculty members, you will also have a chance to engage and interact with industry experts, giving you the much-needed exposure to excel in your specialization. With extensive access to the internet and advanced technology, you can now complete your fellowship program online, which doesn’t hinder your daily schedule.

Fellowship courses after BDS in India.

If you are looking for Fellowship courses after BDS, there are various modes to do a fellowship to advance your career. One of the best options is to opt for an e-learning course as you can continue your practice while you upskill with the latest techniques and advancements in the field. In India, there are several fellowship courses available for dentists like you who have completed your BDS degree. Depending on the area of interest one can choose a fellowship program in orthodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontology, oral medicine, and aesthetic dentistry.

Courses after BDS in India

One of the immediate options that you can choose is a Master’s degree. However, there are quite many options available, such as moving towards research, getting a fellowship degree, choosing a path into teaching, as a medical advisor, and many other career options after BDS. After completing BDS, there are quite a good number of career options available, such as MDS, fellowship programs, MBA, MS, etc. One can even plan to set up a dental clinic, work as a consultant, and even proceed towards research in the field of dentistry.
Specialization after BDS can add value to your career. Enrolling in a fellowship program that includes clinical training in the dental discipline can significantly improve the hands-on skills that can improve patient care. Upon completing a fellowship, you can demonstrate acquired skills and knowledge and fairly build an impressive portfolio in your career.

Career Options After BDS

1. Set up your own clinic offering dental services to the public. Additionally, one can work in public hospitals and health departments providing dental services to underserved communities.
2. Teaching and research positions are also available in dental colleges and research institutes, providing an opportunity to share knowledge and contribute to the field's growth.
3. You can also choose to specialize in fields like Orthodontics, Endodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics, etc., to narrow your focus.
4. Public health organizations also hire dentists to educate people on oral hygiene and dental health.

Benefits of Enrolling in a Fellowship after BDS

If you wish to acquire multi-faceted benefits by learning new skills after BDS, enrolling in a fellowship is the way-to-go. Improving your overall skills and knowledge can fetch you the following benefits:

1. Enhances employability:

Additional skills can always catch an employer's eye and help you stand out from others. A fellowship course stands as an additional degree in this highly competitive world. Learning extra skills reflects your clear interest and passion for the subject to boost your career.

2. Learn the latest technology & treatment methods:

In this ever-advancing field of dentistry, it is imperative that dental practitioners are up-to-date with the latest technologies and treatment modalities employed in treating various dental problems. Fellowship courses include curated course material that helps practitioners to gain extensive knowledge of advanced techniques in the field.

3. Improved patient care:

Upskilling will have a vast positive impact on patient outcomes. Healthcare practitioners who are up-to-date with the latest advancements and treatment modalities in their respective specialties can provide seamless patient delivery with better outcomes.

4. Better Networking:

The power of technology has enabled us to interact and network with fellow practitioners and peers from the industry. Online fellowship programs encourage discussions that can favor the exchange of insights that help you expand your knowledge as a healthcare professional. 

5. Helps you stay ahead of your peers:

At times, it might be challenging to beat the competition and stay ahead of your peers in the industry. A fellowship program ideally includes all the features that can help you enhance your knowledge and skills, which are crucial to staying ahead of your fellow practitioners and peers. Fellowship courses that have access to a diverse set of case studies, webinars, books, and journals of international publications will help you gain a thorough understanding of what's happening in dentistry.

Where can I apply for a Fellowship after BDS?

Medvarsity is Asia’s largest healthcare ed-tech company that provides an industry-ready wide range of fellowships, advanced certificate, and certificate programs for healthcare professionals.
It is imperative that health practitioners have a good understanding of different dental conditions, their diagnosis and treatment in order to provide seamless care. All the courses offered by Medvarsity are curated by medical professionals who hold expertise in the respective field. Fellowships by Medvarsity are self-paced and incorporate a case-based approach to provide better insights into the topics.
Fellowship in Endodontics : The Fellowship in Endodontics by Medvarsity is a 6-month online course designed by endodontic professionals for dental practitioners like you who want to gain a deeper understanding of root canals and post and core procedures. As endodontic procedures are technique-sensitive, a lack of expertise can lead to numerous complications. Consequently, students and practitioners of dentistry need a thorough understanding of endodontics.

Key Features of Fellowship in Endodontics by Medvarsity

- Interactive case-based approach: Provides active learning opportunities for you where you can gain relevant skills and exposure to specialty-specific cases.
- Accurate diagnosis: This course helps you gain skills to provide accurate diagnosis and treatment planning of all endodontic lesions.
- Identifying dental complications: Through this fellowship, you can Identify intraoperative and postoperative endodontic complications early and learn to manage them appropriately.
- Novel procedures: Learn advanced rotary endodontic procedures using apex locator and endo motor, post-and-core procedures, etc.
- Up-to-date advancements: The course provides you with an introduction to advances such as endodontic microscopes and lasers in endodontics.
- Clinical Training: The fellowship provides you with a 3-Month contact program at a renowned clinic to enhance your hands-on experience.
- Global Accreditation: This fellowship course is accredited by CPD Standards Office, UK and AHERF.

Medvarsity’s Fellowships - Accredited by Global Educational Institutions: Fellowship courses by Medvarsity are accredited by renowned global educational institutions, such as:

  • British Accreditation Council (BAC): BAC is responsible for the independent further and higher education sector. BAC is committed to providing high standards of education offered by independent institutions.
  • CPD Standards Office, UK: CPD accreditation is the trust mark that is added to the professional course that you enroll in. This accreditation allows the learners to gain professional goals that are crucial for a lucrative career in the area they specialize in.
  • Apollo Hospitals Educational and Research Foundation (AHERF): AHERF is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) as a “Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO)”, to carry out research, educational and training programs. 
After completing the fellowship program, learners will be provided with clinical training at a renowned hospital, which enables them to gain relevant experience. Along with the clinical training, healthcare practitioners enrolling in the Fellowship in Endodontics will have access to international books and journals by McGraw Hill and Wolters Kluwer. These research books and journals will enable the learners to stay abreast with the latest advances in the healthcare industry and also assist in creating an impact through education.
In conclusion, pursuing a fellowship after BDS is a wise decision if you want to gain advanced clinical skills, enhance your career prospects, gain exposure to complex clinical cases and enhance your clinical skills, and become experts in your choice of specialization.
Dental clinics and hospitals often prefer to hire candidates with specialized training and expertise. Fellowship after BDS also provides you with a valuable opportunity to learn from experienced dental practitioners, and build a strong network of professionals. Make the right choice today to flourish in your career.

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