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Benefits Of Books & Journals For Healthcare Professionals

  • Niyati Puri
As we know, education and learning is a continuous process. Regardless of your designation in healthcare, professional and personal growth is integral to your ongoing success. Upgrading your clinical skills and perspective allows healthcare professionals like you to delve deeper into your medical specialty and industry subset. Read on to know how books and medical journals can enhance your clinical expertise.

What is Books and Journals by Dosily?

The Dosily platform offers access to all of the world's leading medical books and journals, along with news, videos, cases, patient information materials, and research information.

How are Books and Journals a Vital Part of a Doctor’s Armamentarium? 

A 1-year subscription accompanies every Fellowship course at Medvarsity to books and journals by McGraw Hill and Wolters Kluwer. This means students will have access to 300+ books and more than 500 journals covering over 12 specialties such as Cardiology, Critical Care, Endocrinology, etc. Relevant content from these books & journals ensures that the students are exposed to the latest advances in the course specialty.

What do you get in the Books & Journals subscription?

McGraw Hill: Access Medicine Platform: contains 200+ books, 300+ cases, patient information, infographics, news, videos, and more.
Wolters Kluwer: 500+ journals, 100+ books, including NBE-approved journals covering 20+ medical specialties such as cardiology, critical care, endocrinology, etc.
Learners can now subscribe to an annual subscription plan by Books and Journals for INR 20,000 and have first-hand access to the world's leading books and journals.

Why are Books and Journals Important for your Medical Career/Practice?

As medical and pharmaceutical innovation progresses, guidelines for treating diseases continue to evolve. Keeping up with this new information can be challenging. Additionally, healthcare practitioners need to find all the information they learned in medical school but forgot or did not know.
Clinicians, especially general physicians, have to stay updated with the latest developments for both patients, who have a vast information source available to them, which is the internet. Thus, healthcare professionals must upskill in their specialty whenever possible. This is where books and journals play a vital part in a healthcare professional's life. Books & Journals are powerful tools that help you acquire the latest and best evidence-based practices. There are also multiple benefits of reading books and medical journal articles, as they provide you with a chance to learn from fellow clinicians’ experiences. Learning from the pioneers in healthcare can give you valuable insight, which can have a positive impact on not only your career but on your patient’s livelihood.

6 Benefits of Subscribing to Books & Journals by Dosily

There are multiple benefits of reading books and medical journals in healthcare.
  1. User-friendly interface
  2. One single source of reference materials
  3. Enhance your medical skills and expertise
  4. Helps you stay ahead of your peers
  5. Assists medical professionals in scaling their career
  6. Access content on the go

1) User-friendly interface 

The Books & Journals platform by Dosily is designed in such a manner that it is easier for you to search for medical content according to your medical specialty and specific needs. All the content is segregated in line with the 20+ medical categories offered by books & journals to help users navigate through the website with ease.

2) One single source of reference materials 

Our team of editors hand-pick the best articles from renowned medical publishers such as Wolters Kluwer and McGraw Hill to ensure our learners are updated with credible content validated by renowned healthcare professionals. Our website is designed keeping in mind healthcare professionals, and their need to learn the best practices utilized across the healthcare industry.

3) Enhance your medical skills and expertise

Healthcare is always evolving and so are the various treatment guidelines for chronic health concerns and diseases. To ensure you deliver and meet industry standards at all times, we provide healthcare professionals with relevant content, which they can imply in their practice. It is imperative for healthcare professionals to upgrade their medical skills with time, as this helps them scale in their medical specialty.

4) Helps you stay ahead of your peers

By subscribing to Books and Journals, healthcare professionals like you will have instant access to all the latest international medical journals and books by McGraw Hill and Wolters Kluwer. These journals of medical sciences and books will assist you in refreshing your current knowledge, and expose you to novel treatment guidelines, which will help you deliver world-class care to your patients. You will also have more leverage compared to your peers, as you are continuously updating your clinical knowledge to advance in the evolving scope of your medical specialty.

5) Assists medical professionals in scaling their career 

Medical journals hold great value and importance in healthcare. Books and Journals by Dosily assists learners in thoroughly comprehending complex medical topics by mapping relevant content such as journal articles and books from credible medical publishers such as Wolter Kluwer and McGraw Hill.

6) Access content on the go

Since healthcare professionals are always leading a hectic schedule and lifestyle, we have ensured they have access to credible medical content at their fingertips. With this feature, healthcare professionals can update themselves with credible and validated information across various medical categories according to their requirements.

Invest in your Medical Practice with Books & Journals

We provide our learners with access to credible content from leading publishers of medical books and journals such as McGraw-Hill and Wolters Kluwer. Our courses are certified by renowned accreditation partners that add value to your profile and career. Industry-ready curriculum designed by renowned global faculty gives learners exposure to the latest developments in healthcare. We are committed to advancing your career by helping you upgrade your clinical skills and knowledge, which will help you serve your community better. Upskilling can take your career to the next level. So, don’t miss this opportunity to scale your clinical expertise and stay ahead of your peers by subscribing to Books and Journals by Dosily - an initiative by Medvarsity. Advance your medical knowledge and deliver better patient care with books & journals.

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