One student is learning online, while on the other side, four students are attending a traditional classroom where the teacher is explaining the subject. The image highlights the differences between online and in-person learning.

E-learning Vs Traditional Learning

  • Susmitha G
Learning is a process to understand concepts and topics that help develop new skills and add value to your career. Applying new learnings and skills to practice can improve your overall performance, which helps you stay ahead of your peers. The learning system is witnessing diverse changes with the developing trends. The extensive use of the internet has increased the space to communicate and interact, thereby allowing people to explore new ways of learning.
The Indian education system is more inclined towards traditional learning. However, technological advancements have paved the way for virtual learning, which offers numerous benefits, especially in a developing country like India.
For the past few years, e-learning has taken over traditional learning due to multiple reasons. The pandemic has contributed to the rise in e-learning practices and most of us were in the safety of our homes, due to the fear of disease spreading. Traditional learning, which is mainly confined to blackboard teaching, is slowly losing its charm with many innovative teaching strategies. E-learning is gaining popularity with a steady increase in the tools, apps, and other aspects like software that are crucial for a hassle-free virtual learning experience.

E-learning V/s Traditional  Learning - What’s your choice?

E-learning or virtual learning involves technology and communication as the medium of knowledge transfer. Online learning does not involve face-to-face interaction. However, online teaching does involve virtual discussions and interactive learning sessions. Young learners are more inclined to online learning strategies, as it allows them to complete a degree at their own pace by adjusting their schedules accordingly. Most of the time, the method of assessment in online learning is multiple choice questions, unlike the traditional method of assessment that involves subjective tests.
A traditional way of instruction is led by a teacher who instructs the class with a specific subject. It involves in-person learning that facilitates knowledge sharing in a  traditional classroom environment. In a classroom setting, the instructor sets a pace for teaching and closely monitors each student's ability to grasp and understand various concepts. At times, it even involves group work and collaboration where students are given assignments to access their capabilities and knowledge of the subject. In traditional teaching, a student's knowledge is assessed by direct tests and examinations.

6 Benefits of E-learning 

E-learning education has a lot to offer to those who wish to upskill their knowledge and pursue a career ahead of their peers. There are numerous offerings where a student can benefit from e-learning courses. It is a well-rounded education pattern that allows students to learn at their own pace and comfort, unlike traditional learning methods.
Benefits of e-learning courses: 
  1. Flexibility in learning: E-learning is better than traditional learning because it provides an option of pursuing the course as per your schedule. The recorded and live lectures are a part of coursework that help you access the learning material from any location.
  1. Eliminates commute: Traveling daily to attend classes is undoubtedly a tedious job, especially when you lack transport facilities. Also, the ever-growing city population and the rush hour traffic can be exhausting before you even reach your destination. With the introduction of e-learning in your career, you will not have to worry about facing the traffic on the roads.
  1. Saves time for your hobbies: We try to accommodate our hobbies and passions in the little time we have between our busy schedules. E-learning gives us enough time to pursue our hobbies and interests, while you have ample time to finish the course you’ve opted for.
  1. Easy access to faculty: Online classes offer instant access to faculty, making it easier to get questions answered in a live classroom than in an offline one. Online classes provide accessibility to answer the questions via email or in the form of a recorded voice note.
  1. Study while you work: Acquiring a college degree without quitting your job isn’t an easy task. But, e-learning is here to stay and ease the task of those willing to study while they work. Online education is the best choice for those who aim for higher education goals.
  1. Better affordability: Online education can reduce the financial burden when compared to physical education. Offline classes often involve infrastructure costs, utility bills, etc. Most importantly, e-learning cuts the commute cost.
Even with all the advantages of online learning, there can also be some disadvantages of e-learning. Some of which are: 
  • Technical glitches often arise due to internet issues
  • Sense of isolation when you do not have company around
  • Prolonged focus on screens can be damaging to the eyes
  • Topics can sometimes be confusing to understand

E-learning - A boon for healthcare professionals 

Healthcare professionals must stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the industry. This stands as a mandate to deliver patient care excellence. Online fellowships for doctors help them stay ahead of their peers and also increase better employability chances. With busy routines and a priority to deliver effective patient care, doctors always find it challenging to upskill their knowledge with the traditional mode of learning. E-learning adds great value to a doctor's profile where it allows them to upskill at their pace.
In conclusion, the advantages of e-learning outweigh the disadvantages for the current generation. If a question arises, which is the better option? E-learning Vs traditional, the winner would be e-learning. The choice of specialization is vast when compared to the traditional method of learning. By enabling people to attend classes within their suitable time frame, online education is currently booming worldwide.

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