Top 9 Fellowship Courses after MBBS

Fellowship Courses after MBBS:  After years of studying you finally are on the way to complete the quest of MBBS, but there’s always a learner inside us that intrigues us to never stop learning and this holds very true when it comes to healthcare professionals like you who are going to or have just completed their MBBS studies.

You might have heard that Continuous Medical Education (CME) is a gradual but necessary persuasion in the field of medicine and everyone would agree to that because new methods of treatment, medicines  for better treatment are realized over the time and it is necessary for every medical professional out there to be on part with the new methods of medicine to be able to impact healthcare through education.

We at Medvarsity have always believed that learning should never stop for anyone and students or doctors who have completed MBBS should be able to achieve more in their career, which is why we have listed out some of the best courses after MBBS that one can upskill with at Medvarsity.

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 Best Fellowship Courses after MBBS for Doctors & Medical Students

  1. Fellowship in Family Medicine
  2. Fellowship Course in Clinical Cardiology
  3. Gynecology and Obstetrics Fellowship
  4. Fellowship in Pediatrics
  5. Diabetes Mellitus
  6. Fellowship in 2D Echocardiography
  7. Critical Care Medicine Courses
  8. Fellowship In Intensive Care Medicine
  9. Fellowship In Emergency Medicine

1) Fellowship in Family Medicine

One of the primary professions that medical graduates are interested to upskill with is the Fellowship in Family Medicine as it helps them to learn more about the patient as a family to provide more of a comprehensive yet cost effective way of medical care. Though counselling and consultation are essentially the basis of being a family medicine practitioner but you will also gain skills to recognize the common medical conditions and to make referrals to appropriate doctors for patient care.

This Online fellowship course features a 1 month contact program with an accredited hospital, where you will learn from all the departments about their essential workings to get a better hold and broader understanding of hospital, clinic and medical facility functioning. On the other hand this course is accredited by Academy of Family Physicians of India that gives a significant reasoning to enroll for this course.

Top 9 Courses after MBBS for Doctors & Medical Students

Top 9 Courses after MBBS for Doctors & Medical Students

2) Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology

If you’ve completed your MBBS graduation and are interested to step into the prestigious field of Cardiology then this Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology course is up for you to experience the clinical methods and treatments of cardiac patients. In this scenario of growing cardiac cases this specialization is considered an essential field whose demand is growing over the time.

But the thing that stands out the most is that you get 1 month of practical training experience in one of the leading partner hospitals associated with us, 

Where you will gain practical experience under the guidance of professional cardiologists.

3) Fellowship Course in Gynecology and Obstetrics

It is important to understand that the field of Gynecology and Obstetrics is a specialization that intakes the essentials of maternal health and through this course professionals will be able to learn the next non complex procedures in this field. The course outline is aligned in such a way that even working professionals in the field of OBGYN or students pursuing the medical fields will be able to learn from scratch about this field and how it correlates to the basics of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Though board certified OBGYN go through rigorous training and oral exams but the scope of learning is an essential part of the medical field. In case of this specialization it is important to have proper knowledge and understanding of the normal and high risk pregnancies that you can account for in the future which you can learn through this course.

Our aim with this course is to help upskill every specialist out there so that they can take utmost care of the mother and child during the course of post and pre pregnancy.

4) Pediatrics Fellowship

The first 28 weeks are crucial for the care of the newborn and 75% of newborn deaths can be prevented by awareness which has to be impaired to the Parents from Pediatricians. We can come to an understanding that Pediatrics essentially involves the clinical procedures to ensure child care is proper, but at the same time proper consultation to parents, guardians and family plays a vital role in ensuring the child safety.

This fellowship in Pediatrics online course is designed to help the MBBS graduates understand the importance of basic pediatrics and then know the importance of newborn care. Through this course you will be able to learn more about the pediatric infections that can hamper the steady growth of a child. 

While this course deals majorly with the care of the newborn but in the later part we discuss in depth about the different specializations in the field of pediatrics along with the other specialties related to the Pediatrics field.

5) Diabetes Mellitus 

According to the latest report from WHO the number of diabetes cases have 4 fold since 1980 and during 2012, it was recorded that over 1.5 Million died globally due to the various types of diabetes diseases where the common issue found was lack of proper lifestyle, healthy diet that could have helped to turn around the numbers. This specialization now is a global emergency that needs proper attention from specialists to educate the people primarily their consultation and at the same time understanding that learning is the need of the hour for the doctors themselves to take better care of diabetic patients.

In the spirit of making the healthcare force more reckoned with the renowned knowledge, understanding and methods to help the patients suffering from Diabetes we have worked to create three courses in the field of Diabetes Mellitus that you can choose from.

1) Masterclass in Diabetes Mellitus

This course is more aligned towards improvement in the clinical management of the workforce and to ensure that goal is achieved there is a 4 weeks contact program conducted in one of the top hospitals that will provide you with the credible practical and hands on experience to work through the cases.

2) Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus

It is essential to understand the complications that arise during the treatment of diabetic patients and this fellowship course in Diabetes Mellitus provides you with the learning about the management of various diabetes complications.

3) Advanced Certificate in Diabetes Mellitus

This course is created by expert diabetologists to provide the students with a learning curve to better understand the basics of Diabetes treatment. Through the specially curated learning framework walks you through the global scope and the rise of diabetes along with learning about the different physiologies. Then you will learn about Pathophysiology and finally the management of the diabetes mellitus to provide patients with proper care.

6) Fellowship in 2D Echocardiography

Echocardiography has advanced a lot in recent years and in order to be on mark with the present standard of application, imaging techniques are required to be an expert in this field. We have created this course which guides through the basics and principles of where you will first be introduced to conventional echocardiography. And also discuss how 2D echo can be implemented in specific cardiac conditions and at last with the help of simulations you will gain knowledge in order understand in depth functioning of this field in medicine.

7) Critical Care Medicine Courses

One of the most crucial departments in any hospital is the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where patients with critical needs are treated and the requirement to be a part of doctors treating those patients is immensely high as it requires understanding of various health problems at the same time ability to use modern medical equipment to control and diagnose such patients in quick time.

We have the Masterclass course in the field of critical care medicine which is a combination of three levels fellowship, advanced certificate and certificate which can be considered one of the most essential courses after MBBS.

  • Masterclass In Critical Care Medicine
    1. Fellowship In Critical Care Medicine – 6 Months
    2. Advanced Certificate in Critical Care Medicine – 3 Months
    3. Certificate in Critical Care Medicine – 3 Months
    4. Masterclass In Critical Care Medicine

8) Fellowship In Intensive Care Medicine

Intensive care medicine is acknowledged to be one of the most important fields in medicine not just due to the amount of learning and experience that goes into being a part of the ICU workforce but to be able to understand the conditions of critically ill patients and to be able to diagnose disorders.

Through this Intensive care course you will be first introduced to the Intensive care working along with the medical procedure, documentation one needs to follow. Then you will gain expertise in identifying different types of disorders in the human body and how they can be treated.

9) Fellowship In Emergency Medicine

Patients with acute illness and trauma due to accidents require special care by trained emergency medicine doctors and physicians who should be able to diagnose and treat the patient that requires mental stability and perseverance. In the view of the number of required emergency medicine doctors we have partnered with Royal Liverpool Academy to provide MBBS graduates with the learning curve through fellowship in one of our partnered hospitals of high esteem where you will gain practical knowledge required to work in the emergency medicine department.

Thank you for your time and consideration for reading this article about some of the best courses after MBBS that doctors and medical students can pursue from Medvarsity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What’s next after MBBS?

After MBBS graduation it is always wise to choose a postgraduate course or fellowship in your preferred choice of specialization that will enable you to upskill in your field of medical expertise. 

2) Can I become a doctor courses after MBBS?

After MBBS graduation you will be recognized as a Doctor with MBBS qualification which serves as a recognition that you are now a doctor.

3) What is the salary of an MBBS doctor?

MBBS doctor salary depends on different criteria where the first would be your experience but other than that the external factor would be the hospital & vicinity it is located in.

4) Which course is better than MBBS?

If you have completed your graduation in MBBS, then it would be a great opportunity to upskill yourself with a Fellowship in Emergency Medicine that will help you understand the skills required to serve in the Hospital’s Emergency Medicine department.

5) What if I fail in NEET?

In case if you fail in NEET, then you can either retry and appear for NEET the next year but if that does not seem doable then you can select an alternate career in the field of BAMS, BHMS or Nursing.

6) What courses equal a doctor?

There are alternate courses that you can take such as BAMS, BHMS, Nursing or Pharmacy.

7) Which degree is best for doctors?

Every doctor would be acknowledged with the MBBS degree but for all doctors it is an aim to complete their postgraduate degree in their field of specialization with the end goal of gaining a Doctor of Medicine degree.

8) Difference between MD and MS?

MD stands for Masters in General Medicine which deals with the non-surgical study of medicine. While, MS stands for Masters  in General Surgery which deals with the surgical study of medicine.

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