A medical fellowship is an advanced training program for healthcare professionals post their primary training (e.g., residency). It provides specialized, in-depth education and practical experience in a specific medical field or subspecialty.

Medical Fellowship: An Overview Of Its Benefits And Importance In The Medical Field

  • Susmitha G
The medical field is one of the most respectable career prospects, which also never goes out of demand due to many factors. In fact, with the increasing population and rising number of lifestyle disorders, the need for trained physicians has only seen an increase globally.
Even though a trained physician is efficient in handling a case skillfully and making sure the patient receives optimum healthcare to recover at the earliest. Sometimes only a graduation degree and a residency program alone don’t help a physician gain all the required skill sets. Hence, a diploma or a fellowship course in a specific specialty will help you gain comprehensive knowledge in that field of medicine.

What is a Fellowship in the Medical field?

Upon completing your residency, you might pursue a medical fellowship to gain expertise in a specific area of medicine. A fellowship enables you to study and develop comprehensive information to gain knowledge equal to that of a specialist.
The duration of medical fellowships may range anywhere from 1-2 years depending on the specialization. During fellowship training, a physician closely follows a specialist to gain experience in a specialty. Fellowship training is led by doctors who are specialists and leaders in their fields. It's a priceless opportunity to study alongside them giving them valuable insight and exposure which they can imply in their practice in the future.
Our interactive case-based learning approach is designed to help healthcare professionals understand how to analyze, conduct accurate diagnoses, and recommend customized treatment plans. These medical fellowships are self-paced training programs that combine practical learning experiences integrated with formal teaching and academic research. The programs are performed in an organized learning environment comprised of hospital and community-based teaching units, all of which are supervised by experienced teachers.

Purpose of a Medical Fellowship

The prime purpose of fellowship courses is to produce physicians who are experts in a specific specialty or a sub-specialty. The doctors trained or certified in fellowship courses are called “fellows” or “fellowship-trained” physicians. However, it's worth knowing that doing a fellowship course doesn’t entitle one to the role of a specialist.
The kind of training and knowledge one receives during a fellowship course in a year usually might take years to achieve in a private practice setting and hence Fellowship courses are the best way to up skill your skill sets as a physician.

Advantages of  Medical Fellowship programs

Medical Fellowships are aimed to help physicians with specialty-specific skills without having to go through a tedious process of entrance exams, college enrollment, and the traditional classroom learning process. Fellowship training is highly advantageous for physicians in the employment market. The additional training shows you as a passionate and motivated physician with a better understanding of their field.

Here are a few benefits of enrolling in medical fellowship programs:

1) Learn and be trained under experienced physicians.
2) Acquire certificates accredited by top universities and hospitals
3) Improve your clinical skills and expertise.
4) Build your network with other peers in the same specialty.
5) Increase your chances of getting hired in top hospitals.
With some fellowships, you also get an opportunity to become a  member of a renowned doctors community for example Academy of family physicians of India(AFPI), etc.

How to enroll in a Medical Fellowship?

While choosing any fellowship program to be sure about the specialty and the career options of that specialty. Apart from this, other important points to consider are the eligibility criteria and documents you need to keep handy for each fellowship course.
Some fellowship programs require you to give an entrance or competence exam while in some others you can enroll with no preliminary tests. Be sure to double-check if the accreditation board is recognized in your region and how useful the certification will be for your career.

Online Fellowship programs in India

With the advancement of digital technology and a phase shift post-pandemic, you can now choose to do a fellowship from the convenience of your home.
Some fellowships offer blended learning wherein a student can learn theory based on real-life examples and case studies, and then get practical training under the guidance of experts at a hospital.

What are Fellowship courses by Medvarsity?

Medvarsity is a healthcare ed tech company that provides quality training to healthcare professionals who wish to upskill in their medical specialty. There are various fellowship, certification as well as advanced certification courses available for healthcare professionals. The courses are accredited by globally recognized institutes and add credibility to physicians’ resumes. The Medvarsity Learning Design framework used for the Certificate, Advanced Certificate, and Fellowship courses is based on Kirkpatrick’s model of e-learning, which allows the systematic consumption and application of the content.

Key Features of courses by Medvarsity:

1) Excellence in Medicine: Courses designed by globally renowned faculty members.
2) Industry Recognition: Global Accreditation by top institutes.
3) Interactive Classes: Live classes & case-based discussions.
4) Hospital Partnerships: Clinical training at leading hospitals.
5) Case-based Learning: A case-based approach that engages you in discussing examples that resemble real-world situations.
6) Access credible content: Access the world’s leading books and journals from McGraw Hill & Wolters Kluwer.
7) Contact program: Training in partner hospitals to gain practical experience

What are some top fellowship courses offered by Medvarsity?

Medvarsity provides fellowship and certification courses in around 25 specialties for MBBS, AYUSH, and nursing graduates. Some of the top fellowship courses for doctors provided by Medvarsity are:
  1. Fellowship in Pediatrics : This course is aimed at medical graduates who are already working or planning to work in pediatric units in hospitals and intend to improve their knowledge and skills in managing child patients.  It will help physicians recognize the clinical characteristics and evolution of common and uncommon pediatric diseases. Any MBBS graduate registered with a State Medical Council or the Medical Council of India (MCI) is eligible to take this course.
  1. Fellowship in Preventive Cardiology : This course is designed to help medical graduates develop basic and clinical knowledge of cardiovascular diseases and improve their skills in early recognition, management, and prevention of common cardiovascular diseases. This course is structured to provide physicians with insight into the theory and clinical application of evidence-based preventive cardiology practice.
  1. Fellowship in Nephrology : This fellowship is a step up for primary care providers who are increasingly interacting with individuals with kidney-related disorders, for instance, renal failure, glomerular diseases, and infections of the urinary tract and kidney.
  1. Fellowship in Clinical Oncology : This course includes multiple videos, lectures, webinars, and interactive elements to familiarize you with the management techniques for patients suffering from different types of cancers. Additionally, the live case discussions allow you the opportunity to clarify your doubts with the faculty.
  1. Fellowship in Diabetes Mellitus :  This fellowship helps you in becoming a diabetes expert and addresses the management of diabetic complications and the treatment of diabetes in special populations, permitting you to administer the optimum care to complicated cases. The experience of practical training in a leading corporate hospital guided by expert diabetologists gives you much-needed clinical experience.
  1. Fellowship in Emergency Medicine : This emergency medicine course curated tol enable you to deliver improved medical and surgical care not only in the emergency room but also in the ICU and other areas such as trauma, cardiac, toxicology, and environmental emergencies. Thus, this online course offers exposure to all clinical departments, enabling you to confidently handle cases in a clinical setting.
  1. Fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine : This course is designed for practitioners who want to work in the technology- and resource-intensive area of medical care. Intensivists deal with complex critical problems in the intensive care unit and are thus indispensable in all medical departments. There is a strong demand for trained specialists who are able to manage sophisticated equipment and are readily available to manage critical patients.This course will help to improve the care delivered not only in the ICU but also to critically ill patients in other areas such as the emergency room, postoperative care unit, and disaster settings.
  1. Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine : This fellowship courses created for physicians who want to specialise in the field of Critical care medicine. Due to the acute shortage of intensive care units (ICUs), critical care medicine has established itself as a standalone super specialty. It is the most technologically advanced and resource-intensive area of medical care. Thus, there is a strong demand for trained specialists who can manage sophisticated equipment and are readily available to manage critical patients. During the course, you will become familiar with the ICU setup, quality and safety needs, general principles of critical care, and management of specific critical illnesses.
  1. Fellowship in Gastroenterology : This gastroenterology course is designed for medical graduates and practitioners who want to develop the required skills and expertise through hands-on experience. The course comprehensively covers both the fundamentals and the latest research techniques in the field of gastroenterology.
  1. Fellowship in Embryology : This embryology course includes the legal and ethical aspects along with the latest advances in the field of embryology. You will be trained to become a professional in Assisted Reproductive Technology who is in charge of every step of the process, from retrieving an ovum and sperm to implanting a viable embryo into the womb and monitoring the pregnancy for a successful delivery.
  1. Fellowship course in 2D Echocardiography : This fellowship designed to provide necessary knowledge in the basic echocardiography principles, modes, application in various cardiovascular conditions, limitations, and potential. The primary objective of this session is not only to explain how to carry out echocardiography but also to emphasize its application, and limitations. Comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of echocardiography play a significant role in clinical decision-making and diagnosis of various cardiovascular conditions.
  1. Fellowship in Family Medicine : This fellowship course is designed by eminent faculties in the field for doctors who are interested in working at a busy clinic or hospital. Family physicians are in charge of the patient as a whole and ensure comprehensive patient care. They understand the patient in the context of both the family and the community. The family physician coordinates the treatments given by different specialists and can provide a ‘single window clearance’ for all healthcare needs of an individual, thereby improving trust in the doctor. The Fellowship in Family Medicine course incorporates live virtual classes, case studies, and expert talks to give a clinical perspective to theory.
  1. Fellowship in Internal Medicine : This Internal medicine course is designed by eminent internal medicine specialists for doctors who are interested in treating multiple systemic diseases. Internal medicine as a specialty focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of adults across the broad spectrum from health to complex illness.
  1. Fellowship in Clinical Nutrition : This course designed for doctors and health influencers to upskill and upgrade their career opportunities in the field of nutrition. Diabetes, obesity, and the increasing incidence of lifestyle disorders like stroke have brought “nutrition science” into focus. This course not only focuses on controlling but also preventing lifestyle diseases. The need for nutritionists with a thorough knowledge of the nutritional requirements of patients with varying diseases has increased with the rise in lifestyle diseases.
  1. Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology : This course marks your entry into the prestigious field of cardiology. Cardiac disease is the most common cause of global mortality. Thus, there is a huge demand for medical graduates and general practitioners with a deep understanding of cardiology topics. The course offers a blended learning experience, as well as a contact program, which is available at the end of the course to get a practical learning experience.
  1. Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynecology : This course helps physicians gain expertise in the subject to be able to provide comprehensive care for women, from the time she gets their first period all the way to post-menopause. These may be addressing the myriad of conditions seen among women, from the management of abnormal bleeding, genital infections, neoplasms, and other uniquely female life-cycle medical concerns, to delivering neonates and managing any periportal condition that may arise.
  1. Fellowship in Pulmonology : This course is for practitioners who want to work in the pulmonology department. It comprehensively covers the managing principles for various pulmonary circulatory disorders, pleural disorders, neoplasms of the lung, pleura, and mediastinal tumors. This course offers you the opportunity to explore and study major respiratory diseases and allows you to apply knowledge for direct clinical benefit.
Apart from the aforementioned courses, there are many courses curated for doctors in various other specialties to help gain expertise in the specific fields and get practical exposure as well. You can find the various online fellowship courses available for doctors here.

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