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What To Do After MBBS In India? - Career Guide For Doctors

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In the healthcare industry, there is always a need for continuous medical education which has now become a part of the process allowing medical students to find themselves with better growth opportunities in the field of medicine. But at the same time, there is always a question in mind that what to do after MBBS? because every MBBS graduate out of their college might not have an idea on how to move ahead in their career.
And if you are one such medical graduate who wants to understand what would be the best option to focus on after completion of MBBS then read this article which will help you find better career options.

What is the Future of MBBS doctors in India?

According to WHO, the ratio of doctor to population should be 1:1000 which means for every 1000 people there should be one doctor. But as per recent research, there is only 1 doctor for 1,475 which bears the premise that more doctors are required to meet the increasing health conditions and requirements of Indians.
This clearly shows that there is a growing need for doctors and moreover specialized doctors in different professions are required to meet the specific needs of health conditions.
This signifies that if an MBBS graduate prefers to choose between MS or MD then they are bound to have a career that will grow over time. But the question is should an MBBS doctor choose to study further or find a career that fits them to meet their financial needs?
It all comes down to the personal preferences of each graduate, but if someone wants to have a promising career then they would opt to study further with MS or MD.
At the same time, it does not mean that choosing a career as a doctor to fulfill your financial needs is a bad decision because you can still complete alternate clinical and non-clinical courses from Medvarsity.
This would be a great opportunity for such graduates because they can choose between Fellowship courses that would provide them practical learning along with an internship that would help them earn while studying.

Career Options after MBBS in India

We will be discussing in depth about the different career options for MBBS graduates in terms of focusing ahead on their future studies or else taking up a job to nurture their skills.

1. Best PG courses after MBBS - MS or MD?

It is always beneficial for MBBS students to choose to further complete their studies by pursuing post-graduate courses which are MS or MD. This is important because career opportunities for someone with these qualifications are more enthralling as the pay increases with responsibilities that shoulder.
However, to move towards the PG courses after MBBS you will have to take part in the NEET PG examination and once you clear the exam you will be able to select your stream of interest during the time of counseling. During this time, you have to select your stream based on what piques your interest but at the same time, you should also have the aptitude you manage the studies in the future.
This is a reliable option for medicine graduates who do not want to directly work in a job and rather pursue higher studies to gain specialization of their interest.

2. Master of Surgery

If you are interested in surgical treatment rather than general treatment then opting for Master of Surgery is a good option which is a 3-year postgraduate course that requires an undergraduate medical degree as a prerequisite.
Though becoming a surgeon is considered to be one of the toughest ones but it comes with its perks as better pay, higher roles, and responsibilities with respect for your operative skills.
Under MS you have different specializations that you can choose from to upskill yourself with advanced methodical techniques and treatment that make help do better patient care.

3. Doctor of Medicine

If you are someone whose interest lies towards treating the patient through diagnosis and non-surgical manner then Doctor of Medicine (MD) is the field that would best suit you. As it does not involve surgeries to the most extent and the incubation period for this field is relatively short compared to MS which makes it more appealing.
One of the prominent things that students have to take into consideration is that if they are aww struck by the sight of the blood then surgery is not the best option for you.

Jobs after MBBS in India

After completion of your MBBS graduation if you would like to go ahead and take up a job then there are different options for you that would help you advance your career going forward. Though these are some of the job roles that you may find for yourself.

1) Junior doctors

The primary role that every MBBS graduate is eligible for is a Junior doctor where you will be enabled to care for patient safety and provide proper healthcare needed to those in need with your residency experience.

2) Doctors

Once you complete your final year of residency and junior doctor incubation period then you can become a full-fledged doctor who now has the experience to care for patients on your own.
This means you will be able to find yourself good positions as a doctor in prime hospitals where the pay and position would be robust.

3) Physician

If you would like to stay away from the emergency department and its hustle, then becoming a physician would seem to be a good option where you will be able to exercise your medical expertise to help and serve patients through your medical knowledge.

4) Medical Professor or Lecturer

If you are keen to learn and teach others about your profession of medicine then becoming a lecture at first to teach other medical students is a lucrative career but one that comes with long hours of teaching.
But once you ascertain some years of experience as a junior and senior medical lecturer you can find yourself the position of medical professor which demands fewer working hours while the quality of time and monetary compensation is high.

5) Researcher

Government agencies, medical institutes, and hospitals all have their own research centers where the need of the hour such as ongoing diseases, medicine and more are thoroughly researched to find medical advancements to change the world through healthcare.
And this is where your knack for learning and research comes into play to become a medical researcher where you can adapt to the non-clinical side of medicine.

6) Scientist

The Medical sphere is always an ever-changing one and with so many unknowns out there, it will always be a great option to guide yourself to be a medical scientist who can take up this position in government agencies or hospitals and research institute where you will be thrilled to find yourself with the advent of helping the world through your revolutionary discoveries and findings.

7) Healthcare Informatics

If you are great with numbers then it would be a great option to go ahead with the Healthcare informatics career option where you will deal with medical knowledge along with analytics that can help you glide your way to the top of medical data analytics.

8) Medical Writer

As the healthcare industry is on the rise, every institute, hospital, journal, and startup in this sector requires medical articles that constitute the correct proportion of medical terminology that does justice to what is being spoken.
And that is why as an MBBS graduate you can take up a role as a medical writer in any healthcare-related company, firm, or institute where you will be able to express your wisdom of medicine in a true sense that would justify the cause and vision of the brand that you want to prosper along. And in the true sense, the need for medical writers is in high demand.

Courses after MBBS in India

We at Medvarsity always aim to provide medical courses for doctors that they can choose to upskill ahead with to impact healthcare through education. And with that in mind, we have a series of courses after MBBS which you can take a look at to choose as per your interest to upgrade your career ahead.

Medvarsity's Top 8 Fellowship Courses after MBBS:

Fellowship is an important part of your career that helps you to gain practical training and knowledge from industry experts, top faculty, and more which is why we have aligned some of the best fellowship programs after medicine that you can choose to select from.
All these courses are designed to help promote practical knowledge to all the MBBS graduates with LVCs, online courses, and modules that you can access all the time.
  1. Pediatrics Fellowship
  2. Fellowship in Intensive Care Medicine
  3. Fellowship in Gynaecology and Obstetrics
  4. Family Medicine Fellowship
  5. Fellowship in Emergency Medicine
  6. Diabetes Mellitus Fellowship
  7. Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine
  8. Fellowship in 2D Echocardiography

Courses with Specializations after MBBS

Here are some of the top specialization courses that we offer for MBBS graduates who would like to upskill themselves with certain specializations.
  1. Masterclass in Critical Care Medicine
  2. Clinical Cardiology Courses
  3. Masterclass - Diabetes Mellitus
  4. Advanced Certificate in Pediatric Emergencies
  5. Advanced Certificate in Critical Care Medicine
  6. Advance Certificate in Diabetes Mellitus

List of Short Term Courses after MBBS

There is always this need to do a job after MBBS but at the same time stopping your learning is not the right option when you have less span of time that you can spare everyday.
We understand how that would be for MBBS graduates who’ve just taken up a job but still aspire to upskill ahead and that is why we have listed some short-term online medical courses that you can choose to upgrade with.

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